Winter is breaking and soon we’ll be back into the long shooting season.  In anticipation of clear skies and light winds, CMMG has sent out their Endeavour 300 MK3 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.  The recent rebranding of the company’s rifle lines has the rifle’s line-up and series denoting the intended role/function of the rifle.  For example, the Endeavor line are the long range rifles.  Within the Endeavour, the 100 series has a shorter, lighter barrel than the 300 series, which sports not only a longer barrel, but a precision rifle stock (among other upgrades).  Clearly, the 100 would be better suited for most hunting applications, while the 300 would likely dominate at a long range precision shooting match.

While I’m going to need some serious range time to wring this rifle out, here’s my quick take on it.

Rex Nanorum


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