LKCI, LLC brings us the Regent BR9 for those who love history, but live on a working-man’s budget.

The Browning High Power has been in military service since 1935 and was produced for more than 80 years.  The name comes from the increased capacity of 13 rounds, nearly doubling what most pistols carried at the time.  Increased capacity made it famous then, handsome design and an excellent trigger kept fame going.  Unfortunately FN recently ended production of the High Power.  Interested collectors are lucky to find one in good shape for under $900 and so fetch over $4,000!  These are some of the reasons I hadn’t ever tried one before.

Luckily, the folks at LKCI, LLC. are importing some excellent examples of the design under the name Regent BR9.  In the video below we’ll take a closer look and field strip the Regent BR9.

The build quality is excellent as I’ve come to expect from Tisas, and it seems LKCI ensures the pistols are extra nice.  Handsome sums up the look and feel of the Regent BR9 for me.  If you’re interested in some of the numbers you can see them below taken directly from the product page.

  • BARREL LENGTH 118,5mm / 4.6″
  • HEIGHT 127,5mm / 5″
  • TRIGGER PULL 2500gr / 88 oz
  • CAPACITY – 13rd
  • LENGTH 197mm / 7.75″
  • WIDTH 35mm / 1.37″
  • WEIGHT(WITHOUT MAG) 835gr / 29.5 oz

Those classic lines sure make for a great-looking gun.  I’ll get the Regent BR9 out to the range soon and run it through our standard battery of tests.  One not of caution though for those like me with meatier hands is that the shorter beaver tail opens up the possibility of some hammer bite.  This is true to the original, part of the pain of loving history I suppose.

I’d like to hear from some of the Browning High Power fans.  Is the Regent BR9 one to make ol’ JMB proud?  What do you see aside from the Cerakote that is different from an original?

Photos by author