Everyone knows that one of the most important requirements for being Tactical™ or an Operator™ is being Tacti-cool. Getting that “Gucci” gear and trying to look bad-ass at the same time, however, can add up fast and get really expensive. Fortunately, the tactical world has G-Code Holsters who make great gear at really decent prices.

The firearms space is not a cheap space to play in. All jokes aside… it’s worth getting really good, solid, and quality gear.

G-Code makes products that are for the real world: for the military, law enforcement, and serious civilians. They have also created some really ingenious products that are modular in nature, interchangeable, and work within their “system.” But even then, if you use other products and mix and match (like most of us), that’s ok, too. It will still generally fit and complement your other existing gear.

While G-Code is known for their tactical and concealment holsters, they make a broad range of other products, as well. Mag carriers, belts, chest rigs, pouches, and even stuff for your K9. I love them. You should love them, too. And here’s why.


G-Code Holsters

G-Code Holser Phenom Stealth
The G-Code Holsters Phenom Stealth conceal-carry holster. (G-Code)

Getting a really good gun, and one that you feel really comfortable with handling and shooting, matters. Having a good holster for that gun also matters. A good holster is kind of important — more than some people, particularly beginners, might realize. Whether it’s an open-carry holster for an overt, tactical application, or a concealed-carry holster for something more discreet, quality, fit, and function matter and will make a difference.

G-Code Holsters manufactures both open-carry holsters and concealed-carry holsters. These are heavy-use, Kydex holsters, with a very precise fit. They are thick and not flimsy. I have never felt like my guns run a big risk of slipping out. Their holsters also have adjustable tension, and there is a definite “click” when the gun is holstered that is both heard and felt. The holsters will also work with red dots, and offer an RMR-style cut. G-Code offers standard “open” holsters, and also level 2 retention for Law Enforcement or tactical applications where that is necessary or required.

Can one spend more money on a holster? For sure. Is that money going to be better spent somewhere else? Maybe not. I have several tactical G-Code holsters for different guns and configurations, and I have never had a single complaint. They also offer their most popular models as custom-fit solutions for some of the most common and popular gun models and configurations. Chances are, you will find the right option for you. What’s more, chances are you will not be disappointed.

If you are running lights or optics, want a drop-leg option, or just something simple and easy, they have it.


G-Code Mag Carriers

G-Code Scoprion Softshell
The G-Code Scorpion Softshell is the next evolutionary advance of the variable compression pouch concept. (G-Code)

G-Code also offers some of the most innovative and interesting mag carriers on the market. Available in both hard Kydex, or as the “Scorpion Soft Shell” model, these are good pouches. Both mag carriers are available for pistol and rifle mags, in various models and sizes.

My favorites are the Scorpion Soft Shell models. They have an interesting combo of a hard plastic “exoskeleton” frame, elastic cord to adjust retention, and a soft rubber sleeve that is great at retaining mags. G-Code describes these as “the next evolutionary advance of the variable compression pouch concept.” They are “open” magazine carriers, in that they do not have a cover or need to be opened to access the mag. This allows for speed, accessibility, and convenience.

I run these Scorpion Soft Shell mag carriers for my AR mags on my battle belt. I run two of them in tandem, and I have zero complaints. Various attachment options allow them to be added to just about any piece of kit or gear. Obviously, I am a fan of these pouches, as well. Again, for the price, I think they are an exceptional option.


G-Code Holsters (Rapid Transition Interface) RTI System

G-Code RTI
The G-Code RTI allows for various mounting options, that are easily and quickly interchangeable. (G-Code)

One of the truly interesting and highly useful bits of innovation from G-Code is the Rapid Transition Interface System (RTI). The basis for the system is the RTI wheel. This allows anything to be mounted to just about anything — and then swapped out in mere seconds.

A belt or a piece of kit that has the RTI wheel or mount attached to it can be used with a variety of their products. Holsters, mag carriers, and pouches, all have the ability to be attached to any device or gear with the right hardware. I run the RTI system on all my battle belt setups. This allows me to swap holsters and therefore guns, in a matter of seconds without having to take everything apart to reconfigure each time.


A Truly Modular Product Line

G-Code Holsters has created an innovative, mission-ready, and mission-adaptable product line. Military or law enforcement tactical experience drives home the pain point that one size of anything never fits everything. Each mission could be different and gear always needs to be adjusted or reconfigured.

Some missions might require more ammo and therefore more mag pouches. Some guys might need or choose to run extra pouches or medical gear. In some applications, running your secondary weapon (pistol) on your belt works, but in other cases, the plate carrier or vest is too bulky and gets in the way of drawing that weapon. In that situation, a drop-leg holster is needed. Even more specific, perhaps you choose to mount that secondary on your chest on the kit itself. These guys have an answer for all of that.

Adaptability and quality are imperative in the tactical space. Lives depend on quality gear and gear that works — over and over. Gear that is also going to take a beating and, so, will need to survive in harsh or austere environments. G-Code Holsters has an answer for that, as well.

There are many good brands and options out there for the military and law enforcement community. Many of those brands, although of high quality, are quite expensive and rightfully so. On the other hand, G-Code Holsters seems to have found an amazing balance of quality, adaptability, and value. Their customer service has always been top-notch, as well.

I wish I had been the guy to think of this gear and create their innovative product line. I would be one proud Operator™.