When I was searching for a holster for my daily concealed carry weapon(CCW) weapon, I looked at a lot of them—Uncle Mikes, Fobus, DeSantis, Safariland, just to name a few—before choosing the G-Code OSH made by Edgeworks Manufacturing of Jackson, North Carolina. Honestly, what made me first realize this company even existed was Travis Haley highlighting one of their other holsters in his videos.

The G-Code OSH is the first Kydex holster I’ve ever owned or used. Previously, I used leather holsters that tended to squeak in the cold. Edgeworks makes this holster to support about 60 different models of firearms, and that is no small feat. Let’s take a look at the specifications and features of this holster that drew me to select it as my primary CCW holster.

Colors: Black, Olive Drab, Coyote Tan, Tactical Fuzz Black, Tactical Fuzz Coyote, Black Fuzz on Tan, and Kryptek Highlander

Configuration: Available in both right- and left-handed models

Weight: 5.2 ounces (with paddle)

Tension control: Standard screw-type tensioner

Mounting options: Eight available options for belts ranging from 1.25″ wide to 2.25″ wide. Also supports proprietary adapters to allow for mounting to MOLLE gear or wearing as a leg holster.

MSRP: Holster $37.95, mounts/paddles $9.95 – $52.95 depending on configuration.

Unique features: The wide range of pistols that are supported is a huge plus. The buyer can purchase a “shirt guard” feature which adds more material to the inside edge of the holster, preventing your shirt from being pushed into the holster. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is 100-percent American made.

The paddle is sold separately, so you can get exactly the configuration you want. Each holster is made to order, so expect 4-6 weeks from the time you order until the time you receive the holster. They are very good about status-of-order emails during the entire process.

Pros: Great quality, custom built by an American company, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Super durable.

Cons: I’m impatient. I hate waiting, even if it’s for a made-to-order holster. Also, some people may not like the paddle being sold separately.

Overall performance: I have been using the G-Code OSH for just a few weeks and I love it. I purchased this with my own money in preparation for attending a four-day pistol course at a popular shooting school. I wanted to make sure it worked well and that I was 100-percent comfortable with it before I chose it for my full-time CCW holster. I’m very glad I purchased it.

G-Code OSH Kydex Holster

Pictured above is a good idea of how wide the holster is; some people may opt for an inside-the-waistband or I.W.B. holster because of its width. I didn’t choose this option, but if you do opt for an IWB-style holster, I’d also suggest G-Code holsters. They make some excellent stuff. G-Code holsters can be found on their company website.