If memory serves me right, the Garmont Nemesis 6.1 GTX is the most technologically advanced boot I have ever worn. While I’ve worn quality boots of a similar price range, every aspect of the Nemesis 6.1 GTX is designed with ergonomic fit and shock absorption in a way that I’ve not experienced until now. For my own feet, this is the pinnacle of durability and comfort.

Garmont offers the Nemesis 6.1 GTX in their desert tan combat boot option and their black law enforcement option.

They are ergonomically designed for speed and agility and feature a waterproof, highly abrasion-resistant outer fabric that offers breathability for your feet.

At first glance, the curvy ergonomic design is hard to miss and may even be a little off-putting to some, but once you slip them on and get moving, you’ll really appreciate all that went into the aesthetic design. Weighing in around 1.13lbs, these boots are light while still offering incredible shock absorption.

The boot cuff features an asymmetrical design that is slightly lower on the outside and taller on the inside, which provides better stability and comfort. I also really like the feature of being able to tuck your tied laces away into the tongue so that they aren’t dangling or need to be wrapped around the ankles a time or two.

The tongue is also designed to match the asymmetric shape of the top of your foot and ankle, meaning it tapers down from the outside in. This design keeps the tongue in place, so it doesn’t shift from one side to the other.

Another appreciated feature on the Nemesis 6.1 GTX is that the ankle pads are designed for a precise fit around the heel, so it doesn’t slide around and affect stability, while the toe box is actually designed to be pretty roomy. Together, these features combine to create an incredibly stable boot design that provides security for your foot placement inside while still allowing overall flexibility on the outside.

These GORE-TEX-lined boots are ideal for warmer, wet conditions by allowing your feet to breathe while keeping water out. But they are also suitable for moderate weather conditions and temperatures. I began wearing these boots at the tail end of a Midwest winter and have been wearing them into the warmer temperatures quite comfortably.

With a good pair of wool socks, my feet can get through the day without being soaked or smelling like a swamp. Garmont may not be the only brand capable of that, but I personally can’t say that for other combat boots that I’ve worn in the past.

Their soles are built to dampen ground impact from heel to toe. The midsole dampens ground impact and the internal shock absorber controls heel impact. Whether rucking, running, or just working while on your feet, the Vibram rubber soles are sure to hold up to whatever you put them through.

My favorite aspects of the soles are the aggressive tread spacing, which is just wide enough that small rocks don’t easily get stuck between. The wider tread spacing also allows for easier cleaning of mud and muck that will inevitably collect in certain weather conditions.

With a ton of options from Garmont and competitors in this category and price range (MSRP $199), in terms of durability and comfort, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better boot than the Nemesis 6.1 GTX.