Body armor has become a hot item in the last few years.  There are huge numbers of manufacturers producing a variety of items, and it can be very confusing trying to decide what type best suits you.  Luckily, I’ve just tested a great set up for anyone.  Keep reading to see our thoughts on body armor, setup, and the Spartan Armor plates in the Banshee Plate carrier.

This article will cover the basics of body armor usage, the protection levels, as well as how to set it up appropriately, depending on your specific needs.  The important thing that you need to understand is that body armor is all about threat mitigation.  It’s not about trying to become a human tank.

There are numerous level’s of armor protection, but recently I’ve seen a trend to carry much more body armor than is actually needed.  Many agencies, as well as private purchasers, have started to opt for Level IV armor, which is rated to stop armor piercing 30-06 ammunition.

Let’s be realistic folks, even in active war zones this type of threat round is very rare.  Likewise, these same folks are carrying level IV side plates.  Let me tell you, I carried this setup in Afghanistan, and my plate carrier with nothing on it was over 26lbs with all four plates.  It was definitely way too heavy.

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Photo courtesy of Tier Three Tactical