The Hill People Gear Connor has been my day hiking pack since I reviewed it late last year. Reference my first impressions post for features and more pictures.  Yes, I know I didn’t post a follow-up review on it.  The initial post was more detailed than a typical “first look” would be and my view of the pack really hasn’t changed since I wrote that article.

The HPG yoke harness, regardless of what pack it’s used on, is still one of the best on the market today.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, who has tried this pack wants one; mostly due to the “wow factor” of the harness.  It’s extremely comfortable under load.  Especially paired with a bag the size of the Connor.

I still love the look.  The Hypalon wings make it stand out in a crowd.

Gear Revisited: Hill People Gear Connor
Hill People Gear Connor’s Hypalon Compression Wings

More importantly, they are also very functional.  The two-channel PALS grid can be used to attach pouches, as I’ve done here.  I’ve also secured trekking poles by strapping them down under the wings with the ends in each wand pocket.

I tend to prefer panel loaders (even for day hiking).  The lack of a hydration tube port hasn’t really been an issue.  An internal hanging loop for a water bladder would be a nice addition in the next version.  But, overall, I wouldn’t change much about this pack.  It’s that good.

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