Range Day

Going to the range is always fun, but getting to shoot more guns and some awesome Black Hills ammo makes it even more so. In this case, I was testing my new Glock 30 with its 3.78″ barrel and comparing it to my old CCW pistol, a Springfield XDS with its 3.3″ barrel. I wanted a good test to make sure my decision to change CCW pistols was correct. So, Grandson # 2 and I packed some gear, guns, and ammo, and off to the range we went.

We set up the Chronograph and did a quick test to make sure everything worked, and then we started the test. All shooting was done from 7 yards with a standard two-handed grip (no bench rest). I fired 20 shots with the Glock (2 magazines) and 18 shots with the Springfield (3 magazines). I removed the light from the Glock before testing.

The first 2 rounds of shooting were with some basic target ammo I had in my shop; the results were as follows:

Round 1

Glock:  avg 548.18 fps, max 682 fps, min 435 fps.         Springfield:  avg 533.35 fps, max 681 fps, min 390 fps.

Round 2

Glock:  avg 586.24 fps, max 690 fps, min 438 fps.          Springfield:  avg 597.52 fps, max 678 fps, min 422 fps.

There is a lot of velocity deviation, but that’s to be expected with lower-quality ammunition. I expected better from the Black Hills ammunition, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Round 1 Black Hills 230 Grain, JHP

Glock:  avg 692.45 fps, max 725 fps, min 680 fps.           Springfield:  avg 622.71 fps, max 639 fps, min 599 fps.

Round 2 Black Hills

Glock:  avg 688.57 fps, max 721 fps, min 679 fps.          Springfield:  avg 625.68 fps, max 640 fps, min 596 fps.

Some people have argued that ammo is ammo, and it really doesn’t make much difference. Still, the Black Hills ammo proved to be more consistent and had higher overall velocity than the target ammo, proving the old adage “you get what you pay for” applies here.  I’m thankful to Randy Harkins and the good people at Black Hills Ammo for their help and support with this test.

The good stuff, Black Hills Ammo.

Other Factors

Concealability advantage would have to go to the Springfield due to its smaller size and single-stack design, but that comes at a price, namely ammo count.  Using the holster I have, I’m limited to 6 rounds in the gun (factory magazine holds 5), and then I have to fill my pockets with at least 2 magazines of 6 rounds each with 2 more magazines in the truck.  The holster is an Outside the Waistband Holster so that presents some issues at times but is serviceable.

Using the Glock, I have an Inside-the-Waistband Holster, which aids in concealment and is more comfortable. The ammo count is 11 in the gun, with 1 extra magazine of 10 and multiple magazines of 13 rounds in the truck (for use in my Glock 41 OR Glock 30).

Both Guns With Holsters

I could get an IWB 1791 holster for the Springfield like I have for the Glock, and it would be exceptionally comfortable, but I’m still having to find space for the multiple magazines; it’s not always a great position to be in during the summer here in NW Florida.

Springfield XD with Factory Magazine

During the target ammo rounds, shooting the pistols was a lot of fun for both my Grandson and me. My Grandson liked shooting the Springfield more because it fit his hand better, but I’m more appreciative of the Glock’s double-stacked grip.

When it came to the Black Hills ammo, however, there was a distinct difference in the guns and our appreciation of them.

My Grandson’s favorite changed to the Glock, even though he liked the Springfield due to it’s size, he agreed the felt recoil was less when shooting the Glock.

In both our opinions, the Springfield is very “snappy,” and it was difficult to get an accurate follow-up shot off quickly when using full-strength ammo.

Glock With a Factory Magazine. Olight helps you to identify your target in dim light or dark conditions.

In my truck, there are 13 round, double-stacked, .45cal magazines for my Glock 41. They are always there, no matter whether I’m carrying the Glock 30 or the Springfield. Since they function in the Glock 30, why bother to carry extra/more 6-round magazines for the Springfield? As a practical matter, I can’t see a reason to since the 13-round magazines are always there in my chest rig.

In Conclusion, the “Winner” is…..

The Glock.  Versatility with magazines I already own, comfort in my hand, recoil management, and overall proven durability under the most extreme circumstances.  Not that the Springfield isn’t reliable but the Glock is legendary in that regard.  Fitting my hand was a big deal for me, especially using full-strength ammo. The test really highlighted the Glock’s more comfortable size and ability to deal with the recoil better than the Springfield on both accounts.  And I do like to keep it simple; I’ve heard that somewhere before.

The best part of a range day, though, is being with my Grandson and teaching him different techniques and guns.  It was a really good day, no cell phones needed!

Grandson # 2 Doing a Reloading Drill With His Carbine and New Chest Rig.

Garfield out.

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