(Article courtesy of Tactical Life)

Glock Professional, a training division of the Austria-based pistol powerhouse that provides classes geared towards LEOs, military, licensed security and other personnel, has expanded its list of available courses with its new Glock Operator Training Course.

An intense, two-day shooting class, the Glock Operator Training Course was designed and vetted by military and law enforcement professionals, as well as combat veterans with real world experience.

Glock says this class is a “dynamic shooting course that requires the ability to stand for long periods of time, shoot on the move, move into and recover quickly from kneeling and prone positions.” In other words, you better show up ready to work.

Open enrollment for the Glock Operator Training Course is available for active and reserve LEOs, military personnel, NRA-certified firearms instructors and current members of the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) who have successfully completed a basic pistol course and want to improve their shooting skills. It’s not recommended for those who haven’t attended official training programs before.

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