We are going hot today testing the new 27 Round Glock PMAG in the AR9. After running 21 round Pmags I figured why not give these 27 rounders a shot. The Pmag looks cool hanging out of the AR9 with the Reaper Z GunSkin and looks straight gangster in the Glock 19. This 27 round mag would definitely qualify as an “extended clip”.

When I first got the magazines it was tough getting all 27 rounds loaded, but after a few mag dumps, they worked themselves in. I only had one malfunction with the AR9 in my review but I don’t fault the magazine for that. It worked great in the Glock 19 but it changed the weight distribution of the gun. That doesn’t matter when you look cool though, and it’s all about looking cool. I would definitely recommend the 27 round Pmag for fighting zombies.

Kelin Ray is a Corrections Officer in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest specializing in man tracking and is a member of the Inmate Recovery Team. He is a former Field Artilleryman in the Washington Army National Guard and served in Iraq as a gunner for convoy security operations. In his free you can find him Tactical Live Action Role Playing with his friends as Batman.