They say that good things come in small packages and I think that is certainly the case with the Military 3P Tactical 25L Backpack available in the SOFREP store. The “25L” in the description refers to a 25-liter capacity volume.


Military 3P Tactical Backpack Features

  • MOLLE SYSTEM: Molle webbing system is ideal for attaching knives, flashlight holsters, an interphone pouch, a water bottle bag, and other molle gears.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: The shoulder straps are adjustable in length to fit people of different shapes and sizes, and there is no limited backward arm movement.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: It can be used as an EDC backpack, tactical versipack, first-aid kit, diaper bag, and so on. It is very handy and convenient. Great for indoor and outdoor uses including camping, hiking, hunting, sports events, school supplies, tools, etc.
  • MULTIPLE POCKETS: This bag features a spacious main compartment with a zip-up opening, mesh pockets, and front storage zip-up compartments. The main compartment features two pockets and a front lower compartment with elastic organizer loops and key retention.
  • SECURE FIT: It secures to your back with an adjustable chest belt and hip belt clasp.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Padded and adjustable shoulder straps relieve pressure on shoulders while carrying heavy loads.
  • BREATHABLE MESH: Breathable mesh backing provides a comfortable feel in hotter weather.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The bag features a heavy-duty carry and drag handle and has double zipper pulls on every compartment for easy access.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND MODULAR: It also features an adjustable shoulder strap. You also get various attachment points for modular expansion.


Trying It on

The backpack arrived about eight days after I ordered it and the box was undamaged by shipping. The bag was ready to go right out of the box.

Military 3P Tactical 25L Backpack
SOFREP grenade patch not included. (Courtesy of author)

I inspected it for loose straps, broken zippers, and other quality-control issues and found none. It appears that they even went to the trouble of trimming any loose thread after sewing it together, which for prior service military guys is a sticking point. We can’t help but notice “Irish Pendants” on our gear and take a nail clipper to them.

When it says the pack has a 15-liter capacity that is no joke. I kept stuffing items into the compartments until I had to fight to close the zippers which held up well under the strain although being nylon or plastic in composition. I got the weight up to 37 pounds on a decent luggage scale.

(Courtesy of author)

There are side- and top-strap attachments that help secure the load and keep it from wobbling while you are walking. The zippers reinforce your load’s security.

The Molle attachments are generous and well placed for the gear you want to keep handy. I found that I could attach plenty of extras to the side and back of the pack.

Military 3P Tactical 25L Backpack
(Courtesy of author)

I did find that the chest and belly straps were almost too short for me to use, but at 6’3″ and over 220lbs, I’m in the one percentile range for body types. Ninety-nine percent of you will find the straps generous enough for your use.

Next, I put the Military 3P Tactical 25L Backpack to a waterproofing test. I stuffed it with towels and showered it with a hose for five minutes to simulate a pretty good rain. This pack does not claim to be waterproof but I would say it has decent water resistance. Some water entered through the zipper seams and got the towels wet, but not soaked. I don’t see this as too big a deal, if you have any sense in terms of camping you would spray this pack down inside and out with Camp-Dry and put your important stuff in plastic bags anyway. But used as an around-town day-pack it does provide some water resistance. It also dried out in the sun in about 20 minutes, which was good.


Standout Features for the Average Joe

(Courtesy of author)

I don’t think this pack would stand up to a six-month deployment in the mountains of Afghanistan but for the kind of limited personal use the average Joe would put it to, I think it has some standout features that make it worth having, especially at the low price of $39.99.

The Military 3P Tactical 25L Backpack has six compartments. This allows you plenty of flexibility in how you mix your gear, which also means less rummaging around trying to find something.

The backpack has a mesh screen with padding on the backside that comes in contact with your back as you wear it.  There is also a flat hook and loop compartment behind the mesh screen. This allows you to insert one of those jell-filled hot or cold packs and makes for a good heat sink. Your body heat is transferred through the mesh into the jell pack, so it will make you feel cooler if you are carrying this pack on a hot day.

The pack measures 17″ x 8″ x 9.5″ (43cm x 20cm x 24cm). This is small enough to take up minimal space in a suitcase. It will also fit into carry-on compartments on planes or even under the seat as a personal item, which is very good. When empty, I’d say the pack is as thick as two folded dress shirts in your suitcase.

I found the wide shoulder straps well-padded and placed to make for a comfortable carry on a hike. Being a bit on the narrow side, the backpack doesn’t impede the movement of your shoulder blades on a long walk. If you get a little creative, by adding an extender strap to the chest strap, you could even rig this pack to the back or front seat of a car.

The Tactical Military 25L Molle Backpack comes in ACU or Woodland Camo, Army Green, Black, or Khaki which was what I got. You can buy from the SOFREP Store here.

If you already have one, let me know what you think of it in the comments below.