Valholl Gear Upgrades to Luxurious Comfort

If you haven’t discovered Valholl Gear and their upgraded ear cups you’re missing out.  Valholl Gear upgrades your thin, quickly deteriorating ear cups to cushy comfort that feels luxurious.  These make your hearing protection seal better and just flat-out work better.

Valholl Gear provides quality gel cups made in the U.S.A. and fit Howard Leight models Impact Sport, Bolt, Pro, Sync, Leightning, and Viking headphones.

I’ll often spend 8 more hours a day wearing my over the ear hearing protection.  I’ve come to really like my Howard Leight Impact Sport hearing protection and actually hear better while wearing them then when I’m not wearing any!

My biggest complaint is that after an hour or so of wearing my hearing protection they become miserable.  It feels like the ear cups are shoving the legs of my eye protection into the side of my head and crushing my ears.  Since switching the ear cups out to Valholl Gear‘s gel cups, I love my hearing protection and can’t believe the difference they make.

Hearing Protection Upgraded by Valholl Gear
Valholl Gear Gel Cups as installed on Howard Leight Hearing Protection

Made for Shooting Sports by Shooters

Mike Wytko and Eric Blais founded Valholl Gear in 2015 in Poulsbo, WA.  Mike and Eric work together in the construction industry and would also compete together at shooting matches.

The combination of construction and long-range shooting competitions experience has given them real opportunities to not only need hearing protection but to test, evaluate, and develop the Valholl Gear ear cups.

The gel ear cups from Valholl Gear make a huge difference in all day comfort and protection that really works when wearing a hat and eye protection.

Ear Cups Shouldn’t be Hard

If you’ve ever worn over the ear hearing protection for a couple hours or all day for that matter, you’ve probably discovered that the ear cups leave a lot to be desired.

Most factory cups start to feel like rigid metal digging into the side of your head, compressing the legs of your eye protection into your ear and head and a poor seal on the cups as they have gaps at those points.  It doesn’t take very long before factory ear cups begin to deteriorate, harden, and crack.

Easy to Install

Valholl Gear‘s ear cups replace the factory ear cups by simply popping out the old ones, cleaning the flat surface of plastic with an alcohol wipe or equivalent, and sticking the new ones on.

Hearing Protection Upgraded by Valholl Gear
Valholl Gear Gel Cups as shipped

If I had a 2nd set to install again, I think I would cut the old ear cups off of the base plate, stick the new Valholl Gear ear cups on and snap them in place like the factory had done.

What Sets Valholl Gear‘s Ear Cups Apart from the Competition?

Valholl Gear gel cups are proudly made in the U.S.A., manufactured through Evans Industries in Canton, OH.  They are skinned with an extremely strong and durable TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane).

TPU has antifungal properties to prevent the growth of damaging bacteria and microorganisms that degrade the surface.  The TPU used is flexible, soft, and resistant to skin oils. TPU works extremely well when in direct contact with human skin.

The gel cups are cushioned with a combination of silicone gel and comfort foam.  The gel used creates an excellent seal against your head, even when worn with a billed hat and safety glasses.

When you put the gel cups on, they soften and conform with the heat of your body!  This conforming fit makes for a virtually pressure-free fit.

Spend the Money, You Won’t Regret It

If you spend any time wearing over the ear hearing protection you would be smart to invest in Valholl Gear’s gel ear cups.  Trust me, you’ll love them.

The Valholl Gear Gel Pads are available through Amazon.  Buy them here for $34.95.  They are well worth the money.

If you’ve already discovered the comfort of Valholl Gear’s gel pads, share your thoughts on them here.  You can also check out the long range precision shooting that the guys from Valholl Gear are doing (and their product) over on Instagram.