The Hollywood Lite is the FIRST color matched suppressor for the Ruger 22/45 Lite series of colored pistols. Made in the USA by  WHISPERTEC™  the Hollywood LITE weighs only 6.6 ounces and will fit any 22LR pistol or rifle with a ½-28 threaded muzzle.

Using the same high-performance baffle stack as the steel tube WHISPERTEC™ Hollywood Suppressor, the Hollywood Lite combines precision engineering, robust materials and exacting CNC manufacturing with a lightweight, color matched aluminum outer tube.

Hollywood LITE .22 Suppressor: True Colors

I got to shoot the Hollywood Light at Safefire Range in Camas Washington. They look good with an incredible color match on the Ruger 22/45 Mark III Lite pistols. These are fun guns and they work even better suppressed. The whole package is light and surprisingly well balanced. Shooting at an indoor range, the sound level was impossible to gauge, but the manufacturer’s data indicates that these babies are -40 dB quiet. This is on the top of my Christmas list.

Hollywood LITE .22 Suppressor: True Colors
Hollywood LITE .22 Suppressor on a Ruger 22/45 Mark III: Green

Proudly manufactured in the USA by United Armament Corporation, the Hollywood LITE is 100% CNC machined, featuring a proprietary blast baffle design virtually eliminating first round pop, and reducing ejection port blowback. A 17-4 PH Stainless steel interlocking baffle stack prevents gas leakage between the baffle stack and the outer tube for long life and easier cleaning. The individual baffles snap together with 2/10,000 tolerances. I have never seen another suppressor like it.

To give the Hollywood LITE the vivid color to match the Ruger pistols, a lightweight, anodized 6061 T6 aluminum outer tube is utilized, finished to assure a smooth, snag-free outer shape. The end caps are manufactured from heat treated 4140 chrome-moly steel.

The guys at the Safefire Range have a Hollywood Lite on a rental gun. They say that after 4,000 rounds, it is still going strong with no cleaning or maintenance.

With an SPL (Sound Pressure Level) reduction of over 40db, the Hollywood LITE is definitely “Hollywood” quiet.


  • Length : 6”
  • Caliber: .22LR
  • Weight: 6.6 Oz.
  • Sound Reduction: Approx. -40 dB
  • Baffle Stack: Interlocking Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Thread: ½-28
  • Hollywood LITE Tube: Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Barrel Adapter and Endcap: Nitridecarburized 4140 Chrome Moly

Built to the highest standards, the Hollywood suppressor comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Hollywood Lite is available in red, blue, silver and green color matched to the Ruger The 22/45 lite series. Included with every Hollywood LITE Suppressor is a heavy duty wrench set for disassembly/assembly and installation and a carry pouch. The Ruger is NOT included.

You can get your very own WHISPERTEC™  Hollywood LITE Suppressor HERE. All NFA rules apply. MSRP $359

About UNITED ARMAMENT CORPORATION in their own words:

Originally founded in the late 70’s and headquartered in the Pacific Northwest our main manufacturing facility was founded by a tightly knit group of highly talented inventors, designers, machinists and technicians.

The principals in United Armament Corporation have over 40 years in manufacturing, CNC machining, metal finishing, design, engineering and process development. Members of United Armament have been involved in a number of historic projects in the aerospace, transportation, defense and commercial construction equipment industries.

Projects such as the high profile NASA space shuttle program, the GE 20mm MK 15 “Phalanx” high speed cannon project used on the F-16, also known as the CIWS on US Naval vessels, the Patriot Missile program and the M1A1 Abrams Active Fire Control System for weapons targeting in motion.  United Armament’s founder was involved in process design and manufacturing of Guided Bomb Unit components used to help “smarten up” older weapons technology, manufactured critical components for the “Top Secret” (now declassified) FB-117 Stealth Fighter/Bomber and designed manufacturing processes for the original Boeing Cruise Missile.

At United Armament, we regularly encounter outdated designs resulting from specifications written decades ago. We believe this happens because it’s easier for most manufacturers to build to these specifications with less engineering effort. Our approach is a little different, we find a better way. We take the time to understand the specifications. Using today’s latest technology, design methods, materials and manufacturing, we build better products to perform beyond the original specification limits. This “find a better way” approach moves us forward with new designs and specifications which provide you, our customer, with the best possible performance, value and utility available in the market today.