Italian manufacturers Fox, Lionsteel, and Viper all came to Blade with new products, with each company bringing something very different to the show. The knives on display from these Maniago makers cover the gamut from tactical to collectible to EDCable.

Last night Fox picked up Knife Collaboration Of The Year award for their work with History Channel’s Forged in Fire judges Doug Marcaida and Jason Knight on the MK Ultra series, a new lineup of kukri-style knives. Fox’s mesmerizing new blades are the second family of knives (after Jake Hoback’s custom folder) to share a name with the infamous CIA mind control program MKUltra. A kukri blade rarely appears on folding knives but Fox is rolling out two, one in a satin/stonewash finish, the other completely blacked out – both appear in the main story image above.

Italian Knives Turn Heads at Blade Show 2017

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Photos courtesy of Knife News