Kel-Tec CNC, Incorporated better known as Kel-Tec Weapons recently issued a recall for one of their most popular guns the Sub 2000 pistol caliber carbine. The recall only affects certain rifles produced in 2017, not the entire run of Generation I or Generation II rifles. It came to Kel-Tec’s attention when they found that they were receiving an increasingly larger number of rifles being returned for warranty work with barrel issues. After an investigation the company found that some barrels that went into the rifles weren’t heat treated properly. The barrels which were supplied by a third party vendor have actually been found in some cases to rupture, which could lead to devastating injuries.


Not all rifles made in 2017 are affected by the recall, in order to find out if yours is affected visit the link below and enter your rifles serial number on the stock tube, as shown in this picture.

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What Happens If Your Rifle Is Affected ? 

If your rifle is on the list, don’t panic and freak out. Kel-Tec has a few ways to get the rifle back to their warranty department, even if you lost the original box they will help you out with that as well. Simple request a label and a box using the link above and in a few weeks the label and packaging will appear at your door.

Since this is a warranty claim the rifle can be shipped directly back to you the owner in most cases. Check your local regulations on that part, not all areas of the country are created equal in that regard. The company at this point is estimating around two weeks to process the return requests and have given no estimated time of return once they receive them for repairs. The repairs according to the company will be to install a completely new barrel that has been properly heat treated.

Making Good With Consumers

When the recall was announced the company also said that as a token of good faith and to apologize for the inconvenience of losing your rifle for an undetermined length off time they would be shipping the gun back with a free 10 round magazine. This one size fits all solution is a nice gesture and handles the pesky issue of some states having magazine restrictions. This gesture by the company might anger some people, but I’ve been involved with recalls where I got nothing extra on the back end, so I’m personally grateful for another free magazine for my rifle.

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We Are Involved Also

We here at have a few writers who own Kel-Tec Sub 2000’s . I reviewed my own Sub 2000 last year on this very site, and unfortunately my rifle fell within the affected range of serial numbers. While on the surface this does in fact suck for me and my planned shooting sessions this spring, it does give our readers a first hand look at how well the company handles the recall and repair of my rifle. We hope that they don’t have massive problems with the recall process like some other larger firearms manufacturers had with their guns in the not so recent past.

Here is where I will give my true feelings to our readers. I have a lifetime of dealing with mechanical things, and every manufacturing process ever created has at one time or another had problems. That is a constant when it comes to manufacturing anything, and even more of a problem at times when you use off site or third party components. To everyone effected by the recall I want to say, Have Faith in the process. Let the company have the chance to correct the issue before you put them on blast in social media. They didn’t pull a Remington and deny the problems existence.

The Sub 2000 in my mind is still one of the more dependable and affordable pistol caliber carbines currently on the market. I have no intention of abandoning a rifle that has fired 2500 rounds in the last year with zero problems, and neither should you. That being said we would like to hear from owners of the Sub 2000 who are affected by this recall. We will be tracking how long it takes to get this situation rectified, and follow it to the end.

Image:Rick Dembroski
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