Kifaru MMR Gen 1 – Old but Gold


As you may know, I have a special place in my heart for Kifaru international and their products. I wrote about my first encounter with the brand in my E&E review and ever since I have been a Kifaru man through and through, and I am nothing if not brand loyal. The only thing that stands between me and covering myself with Kifaru packs and soft goods is the fact that their quality products are not cheap and that everything is Built-to-Order, so there are no European retailers that can provide me with their superb products.

Therefore I am constantly looking through different Finnish gear forums, searching for my “unicorn” bit of gear. And one such occasion happened when a guy was selling a large Kifaru ruck in US Woodland camo, which he identified it as MMR gen1. I did not hesitate for a moment. I had to have that pack (even though I had almost agreed on buying a Karrimor SF ruck from a different guy). So a swift message later I had agreed to pay $269.00 for the pack and two Kifaru Long pockets in Ranger green, which seemed like a bargain to me.

The Pack

This is tricky, because I cannot go the Kifaru website to gather the exact information about the ruck, because the production of the Multi Mission Ruck (MMR) has been discontinued. So I turned to the Kifaru customer support and asked them about my pack and the answer I got was really exhilarating. They replied me, that the ruck I have is some eight years old and is pretty rare, since they made only about 50-100 packs with the Woodland camopattern.

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