Properly maintaining your tools is crucial to their longevity and performance. Sometimes, that means you’ll need to take them apart. Whether it’s due to rust blooming under the liners or sand in the bearing pivot, this week’s installment in the Knife Maintenance Month series will help guide you through disassembling (and reassembling) your folding knives.

Shopping list of suggested supplies:
▢ High quality torx driver set
▢ A plastic bin (to catch parts)
▢ Non-permanent Threadlocker
▢ Smartphone (camera) and notepad
▢ Hairdryer or heat gun

An important reminder: Some manufacturers will void your warranty if you take your knife apart. This is something to consider if the idea of paying modest repair charges in the future is too hard to bear.

Most modern folding knives are held together with threaded fasteners that accept generic bits: Phillips, flat head, and torx, a six-lobed screw head designed to withstand more torque. You can find torx drivers at any good hardware store – we suggest investing in a quality set from a reputable brand. Tiny torx screws are easy to strip with a cheaply-made, misshapen driver. T6, T8, T9 and T10 are the most commonly used sizes. Be sure to always use the largest bit that fits in the screw head or you’re almost guaranteed to strip the screw.

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