If you get outside and get your adventure on then you already know the importance of emergency shelters, blankets and signaling.

Should the “S” hit the “F” and you find yourself and / or your family needing to stay alive so that you don’t become coyote food you’ll want a couple of these things stashed in your vehicles and ready bags.

To be seen or not to be seen

The Land Shark survival shelter comes in multiple colors as well so if you’re on the run in bad-guy land you can use their “Stealth” set up to defeat observation or detection.

Should your sorry ass be stranded somewhere you may choose to deploy one of the brighter shelters so tall dark and handsome, or short blond and hot (your call – nobody’s watching) can come rescue you while you’re sleeping snuggly in your survival shelter.

If you qualify for GovX membership you can get them here on the cheapest: Land Shark 

If you’re relegated to civilian shopping you can get them here: Land Shark 

(Featured image courtesy of smallboatsmonthly.com)