It seems like I’m never done ‘dialing in’ my gear. I’m always looking for better-streamlined ways of setting up my gear so that I can access it quickly when needed. Most importantly my medical gear. When it comes to medical emergencies, seconds count when first responders are minutes away. That’s why we, the capable citizens, need to step in and fill that void. Be ready and capable to react to a bad situation. For a while now I’ve carried both the mini trauma kit and first aid kit from Dark Angel Medical. Nothing wrong with those kits, they are great kits, but I’m constantly evolving my gear and that sometimes means changing things up. That’s where my medium sized Magpul Daka pouch comes into play. I’ve actually had it for a while, but never really found a dedicated use for it. Until now.

So to set the stage for why I moved to the Daka pouch, let’s talk about the backpack I use daily when I do commute to somewhere to work. I’ve been through many packs and have always gone back to the Camelbak Urban Assault pack. It’s not set up or designed to be a hydration pack, but to be an EDC bag for the digital nomad and it excels at that. I’ve done a few ‘one bag’ trips using only this backpack and it has never disappointed.

The front of the backpack has a vertical slip pocket, which is where I have kept the Dark Angel medical kits for fast access. They typically would just ride in the bottom of the slip pocket and I would just need to reach in and pull them out. After taking a closer look at the size the medium Daka pouch with regards to the size of the vertical slip pocket, the wheels started turning. Take a look at the video for a better look at what I mean and what medical supplies I choose to carry inside the Daka pouch.