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A safety warning and mandatory Sig Sauer recall has been issued for several rifles from the manufacturer.

Sig announced Friday that a limited number of rifles in the SIG716 DMR, SIG516 Carbon Fiber and SIGM400 Predator models are affected.

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The problem revolves around the two-stage trigger, which Sig says may have an improperly heat-treated hammer.

“Over time this could result in a trigger malfunction creating a significant safety hazard,” the company’s release says. “Sig Sauer is issuing a mandatory recall to replace the hammer and trigger assembly in these specific rifles.”

According to Sig, the firearms affected by the recall can be identified by the presence of a SIG mark etched into the hammer (see photo above).

The recall does not affect any military or law enforcement rifles or any Sig MCX or MPX products.

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Sig Sauer Recall Instructions

As expected, Sig says it will correct any affected firearms at no cost to the customer.

To determine if a specific firearm is affected by the recall, please go to From there, utilize the serial number identifier and visual inspection instructions.

“If you are a customer who is affected by the recall, stop using the firearm immediately and follow the instructions on the website or call Sig Sauer Customer Service by dialing 603-610-3000, option No. 1,” according the release. “Have the rifle’s serial number available.”

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Photo courtesy of Sig Sauer