When the truth hurts

Medal Of Honor=Honor and respect for the Warfighter

Call Of Duty=Dishonor and a lack of integrity

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed through my contacts in the SEAL community is that the producers of MOH have a hard core ethic around respecting and taking care of the U.S. Military community at large (especially the tier one units who helped them create this game). This should be known and talked about in Military community as much as the incredibly popular Call of Duty series is on the opposite spectrum of authenticity and integrity.

Not doing your homework (or caring) will ultimately result in a massive loss of sales and credibility inside the Military gaming community. I personally know guys that will not buy the COD title because (although good to play) Activision doesn’t seem to give a shit. Not cool, and they will not get my money.

When it comes to associating with shady characters Call of Duty has a monopoly of sorts…

It is widely known that Matthew Anderson (Call of Duty Cast Member) has a pretty shady past.

From the LA Times:

The former sergeant, Matthew Robert Anderson, turned himself in to FBI officials this week and stands accused of similar charges in a criminal complaint filed in March in federal court in Los Angeles. The buddy, Jared Jeffrey Chandler — who allegedly never served in the Army despite a resume that claims he did — was also named in the complaint.

MOH: A Gaming Title That Cares

Enough with the nasty business (you should know no?), let’s focus on the positive and a company that cares about getting it right from our perspective.  I found out from some former SEAL teammates of mine that the producers consulted directly with Tier One units to get the following closing scene (below) completely accurate.

This has significant meaning to the SOF community and myself having been the QRF with my SEAL platoon (ST3 ECHO) that day.  We were on the QRY bird (helo) that was spun up, then due to politics, we were told to get off the bird so the Rangers could get on. The Rangers are more than capable but this political tug of war at the TOC cost precious time.

All day I had to listen to good men die in vain, it still haunts me to this day.  The fact that these guys (MOH) went above and beyond really strikes a chord in me and we should continue to support this title.  While I’m not a big fan of some of the weapon systems used in the game (there’s some authenticity issues in my opinion…more on that later), I am a BIG fan of the title and this is one kick ass game.  I look forward to playing it with my own son who’s ten.

See below, and take a peak at the authenticity of this scene and the Battle of Takur Ghar and Robert’s Ridge.

Brandon out.