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Monday Night Knife Fights: MTech “Tactical” Tomahawk
Apocalypse Josh

I have a great fondness for hatchets and tomahawk and quite a collection, ranging from the low-key Fuller camping hatchet to the knockabout United Cutlery M48 to the singular Boker Tomahook. A new addition to my armory was the very blingtastic MTech – Tactical axe.


At 36cm (14 1/4″) overall, this is a decently sized chopper and at 650g (1.4lbs) it’s lighter than I expected. It has a black rubberized ABS handle with lightly textured lanyard loop, and is peppered with seven locking bolts and nuts with Torx fittings. The axehead is 18cm (7 1/8″) with a 9cm (3 1/2″) cutting edge. It has a spike on opposite end, interesting secondary edges, and to top it all off it’s titanium anodized to a gold finish.


One thing that struck me was that ABS, which felt really flimsy. Not that it was flexing under my grip, more that it was light and sounded hollow. The black nylon sheath was simple enough, with a press stud retention loop, and press-stud closures at the rear to keep it in place.

The blade was shipped sharp and had a knife edge, with deep secondary grinds not only along the primary face but also a deep inwardly curved bite in the top of the axehead as well as the underside of the beard. The top of the axe features a set of aggressively cut jimping.

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