TOPS Tanimboca Puukko: A New Take on a Classic Design 
Mike the Mook

TOPS Knives, more known for their tactical fixed blade designs, has produced a knife of the puukko style in collaboration with Goran Mihajlovic. The puukko is a traditional Finnish knife design which spread throughout Scandinavia in the 19th century. It sports a thick, round wooden handle and what is known as a Scandinavian grind on the blade.

MNKF: Tanimboca Puukko – A New Take on a Classic Design

This grind, sometimes shortened to Scandi grind, starts below the halfway point and has no secondary bevel on the edge. Scandi-ground blades are ideal for whittling, woodworking, and bushcraft. The high bevel was desired so that the user could keep an eye on the wood grain while carving. There are no choils or finger guards on these knives, which allows them to be cost effective and efficient to make while allowing the user to get their hand as close to the cutting edge as possible.

TOPS collaborated with Goran Mihajlovic on the design of the Tanimboca Puuko. Mihajlovic owns a nature reserve called Tanimboca in Columbia and forges his own knives at his forge in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. With his experience in the Amazonian bushcrafter’s paradise, Mihajlovic prefers the puukko due to its history of performance.

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