Whatever the mission or adventure, medical supplies should never be overlooked.  Casual gun owners, and even gun enthusiasts at times, tend to buy some of the most expensive firearms, accessories, and upgrades, but lack any investment in medical supplies.  The same can be said for training: while it is responsible for gun owners to seek out quality firearms instruction, some concurrent training to in first aid is paramount (especially in treating traumatic injuries).

I used gun enthusiasts as an example, but the fact is that proper medical training and supplies are invaluable for any group, location, or activity.  Whether you are at your workplace, college campus, neighborhood BBQ, child’s school, shooting range, in a vehicle, the backcountry, traveling abroad, or even at what might be the most unlikely event to require first aid, some assortment of medical supplies should be readily accessible to you.  Personal medical kits will differ between people based on occupation, activity, and day-to-day situations.

The premium MyFAK with the detachable mesh pocket along with its contents

Fortunately for those of you currently without any medical supplies, there are plenty of prepackaged first aid kits on the market.  The easiest thing to do is to buy a basic medical kit and customize it as you learn about what you actually need on a day-to-day basis.  One of the most complete prepackaged first aid kits I can recommend is the MyMedic MyFAK.  Continue reading and you will see why MyFAK beats out so many other prepackaged medical kits.  First, here are some specifications straight from the MyFAK product page:


  • Heavy-Duty Carry Handle
  • 1000 Denier Ballistic Nylon
  • Instant Access Rip-Away Velcro Panel
  • Fold-Out Detachable Mesh Pocket
  • D-Rings to Attach Shoulder Strap
  • 5 Colors to Choose From
  • Weather Resistant
  • NTOA Approved
  • OSHA & ANSI Approved
  • FSA/HSA Approved Purchase

Dimensions | 4 in. x 6.75 in. x 7.75 in. | 209.25 cu. in.

Weight | Basic Kit | 1117 grams | 2.46 lbs.

Weight | Premium Kit | 1460 grams | 3.21 lbs.

Contents of the main compartment for the premium MyFAK

Why the praise for the MyFAK

The MyFAK comes in a basic or premium kit.  The premium kit comes with a larger selection of medical supplies, especially for treating traumatic injuries.  However, both kits have an extensive list of medical supplies and can be reviewed here.

In short, the MyFAK is an outstanding medical kit.  The vast amount of medical supplies in a conveniently sized package makes it capable of treating anything from a papercut to a bullet to the chest.  Most of the supplies are grouped by like-items, but I still recommend the user to take time familiarizing him or herself with all the contents of the MyFAK

Portability is where the MyFAK shines.  The MyFAK has a rip-away Velcro panel so it can be easily peeled off of wherever you attach the panel; this makes it easier to access and provides convenience if you are frequently relocating the MyFAK (such as between your vehicle, home, or bag).  I found that the MyFAK can conveniently fit in my GORUCK GR1 which I use as a school bag.  I use the smaller version of this backpack (21 liters) and the premium kit still fits fine.

The MyFAK affixed to a car seat, the rip-away Velcro panel makes it easily accessible when in a pinch

Stocking your MyFAK

Remember that medical supplies need to be restocked as products expire or become used.  MyMedic offers “20% Off for First Responders, Law Enforcement, Military/Veterans, Boy Scouts and anyone else trained and/or working to help others in an emergency.”  Be sure to take advantage of this awesome discount when you need to restock.

While the MyFAK without any modification is still an outstanding kit, I wanted my MyFAK to be a more complete package.  In addition to the extensive list of supplies, I am adding hemostatic gauze and a needle decompression kit to supplement the Foxseal chest seals.  The needle decompression kit is in case of a tension pneumothorax that may develop from applying the chest seals and the hemostatic gauze is great for treating hemorrhaging where the tourniquet cannot be applied.  I also have an extra CAT tourniquet in my bag or vehicle, just in case.

I have an extra CAT affixed to each of my bags as well as my car

The verdict

Where is your IFAK?

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I am thoroughly impressed with MyMedic and the quality of their MyFAK product.  Take one glance at their lineup of medical kits on their website and you will immediately recognize how exceptional and resourceful they are compared to your average first aid kit on the market.  The MyFAK is the perfect choice for people are looking for a thorough first aid kit.  It comes in a convenient size, it’s easily portable, tailored to treat a variety of injuries (both minor and/or traumatic), and is filled with supplies from quality manufacturers who continue to put forth proven and reliable products.

If you are familiar with MyMedic’s products or rock a different first aid kit, let us know what you think!

Author – Matt Shin is a former U.S. Army infantryman having served as a radio telephone operator, automatic rifleman, and fire team leader. Matt now resides in California where he is back in school studying sociology. In his newfound spare time he enjoys exploring the outdoors, camping, backpacking, shooting, and sports.