I had almost given up on the NRA for a variety of personal and professional reasons.  From my perspective the NRA is great at drumming up hard core right wing support through sensationalizing the “gun issue” with the main incentive of driving membership revenue…. AND they have been great at waving the flag when it suits their purpose.

But in all fairness they do some great stuff also.

I attended the NRA Range Development course a few years back, a great course if you want to open a range.  I actually stood up during the round of intro’s and told them I was a card carrying member of the Sierra Club and only attending to learn information so I could shut ranges down nationally…..just kidding of course, you could have powered a city with the steam coming off these guys until they realized I was just fucking with them.

And just when I had personally written the organization off as old and stale (reminds me of most US firearms brands), I got a call from Alyssa Lair who runs the NRA’s Life of Duty site.

I’ve been on the site recently and they are doing some really cool stuff over there.  The site has a modern “FN/Glock-like” feel  to it and features some great links that support LEO and the Military. The features on real life heroes (LEO, Military, etc) are incredible and showcase some great men and women.

SOFREP and The LoadOutRoom look forward to a long relationship (at least as long as Alyssa’s at the helm) with the site and you should definitely take a look.

Thanks for keeping it real Alyssa.