When I left the military I knew I wanted to keep shooting as much as possible. I had always been spoiled when it came to gear in our sniper section and didn’t really think twice about range gear. We always had the resources, and if we needed something, we just went out and bought it. Every man always had an assault pack or ruck depending on the amount of gear needed or time spent on the range, so a range specific bag for each man wasn’t needed.

Toward the end of my time and transitioning to civilian life I started focusing more and more on pistol marksmanship. I decided to hang up the long gun for a bit and hone a different medium of firearms. One thing I didn’t realize was how valuable a great range bag is when you remove the specific combat training from range time. I no longer needed an assault pack, body armor, helmet, etc, but a highly organized bag that could serve as my range caddy.

After using three or four different styles of range bags I slowly began to see their importance when it came to convenience and organization. This importance raises a notch when you spend three to four days a week at the range firing hundreds and thousands of rounds, running drills, and different courses of fire. Also, it can be hard to get decent range time in when you have a full-time job and/or busy family schedule. The last thing you want is to waste time searching for an item that may or may not be floating around in an oversized duffel or closet. Simply put, a great range bag make life better if you love your trigger time.

Oakley Breach Range Bag: Quick Look

Oakley SI has recently added a number of new products to their lineup. This Includes their newly released Breach Range Bag. I always been a fan of Oakley and the thought put into their products. The new Breach Range Bag looks like it could make some happy shooters.

Oakley Breach Range Bag: Quick Look

Next to weapons and ammo, eye and ear protection are the next necessities for a safe and enjoyable time at the range. The new Breach Range Bag as designated pockets for each and movable dividers to suit a variety of handguns and gear. From competition belts, holsters, shot timers, ammo, cleaning supplies, and magazines – lots of them, this bag has a spot for everything. We at the Loadout Room look forward to stuffing it full and getting a full review to you very shortly.

Oakley Breach Range Bag: Quick Look

Oakley Breach Range Bag Specs

  • Large main compartment with adjustable divider offers organized storage
  •  Abrasion-resistant design protects belongings
  • Dedicated pockets secure eyewear and ear protection
  • Fold-down pocket provides space for convenient gun maintenance
  • 100% Polyester