I am fortunate to have an excellent working relationship with Olight, the (primarily) flashlight manufacturer. During the recent NRA convention in Dallas, they concurrently released a handful of new and exciting products, and yours truly was right there, front and center, to see them in all their fresh, straight-out-of-the-box glory.

I’ll spread my reviews out over a couple of days to give each new product its due.

Today, we’re talking optics.

Osight Rechargeable Red (or Green) Dot Optics

The Osight red dot and its ingenious charging cap.


The Osight red (or green) dot from Olight is the latest addition to their expanding line of optical products. Known for their high-quality flashlights and EDC gear, Olight has ventured into the world of red dot sights to provide shooters with a reliable, efficient, and affordable option. This review will examine the features, performance, and overall value of the Osight red dot. For the sake of continuity, I’ll keep referring to the product as the “red dot.” 

Unboxing and First Impressions

The Osight red dot arrives in a compact, sturdy, well-packaged box to ensure no damage during transit. The packaging reminds you somewhat of what you used to get from Apple in the good old days. Suffice it to say that Olight cares for its products and wants them to get to you in perfect shape. 

Inside the box, you’ll find the red dot sight, a user manual, the charging cover, and a USB-C cable. The sight feels robust and well-built, with an aluminum alloy body that strikes a good balance between durability and weight. It is a good size for a red dot sight, about one-inch square (0.94″ wide by 0.85″ high, to be more precise). 

In the photo above, you see the charging cover to the left of the optic. This snaps smartly on top of the optic and charges it magnetically.

Key Features 

As mentioned above, the lens is almost a one-inch cube. This allows for easy acquisition of the 3 Minute of Angle (MOA) dot, even if there is a little bit of recoil or handshaking. The dot is crisp and bright. Truth be told, I usually find a green dot easier to see (just my personal preference), but in this case, I found both the red and green variants to be equally bright and visible.

A sensor built into the optic keeps the brightness at just the right level and preserves battery life. Speaking of battery life, we’re talking 70,000+ hours on the lowest mode. On the brightest mode, you get 70+ days of use. Of course, this is way, way more than enough. However, it’s nice to know that the dot will always be there when you need it.

There are 10 daylight levels and 2-night levels of brightness to choose from manually if you prefer. Regardless, the optic will shut itself down after ten seconds of inactivity. Any motion and it will immediately spring back to action.

The illuminated markings are embedded in the cap and will never wear off. Charge the cap, which can be taken anywhere to charge the red dot.

Above, we see the magnetic charging cover, an industry-first. It can go wherever the optic goes and measures the precise amount of charge left in both—a huge bonus if you ask me. It snaps in place with a satisfying “click.”

As far as optical clarity goes, I noted no issues. I could observe no annoying parallax effect.

But what about the zero? I can hear you asking. Olight tested the product by firing 10,000 rounds and reported that the optic maintained a good zero. I never had the time, patience, money for ammo, or stamina to put a fraction of that many rounds downrange to test it, but I can too attest that the dot stayed on target, and the rounds went where intended.

The optic is easily mounted on a firearm with an RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) 407c/507c footprint. They even include a tool in the box to help tighten it to the recommended 14 in-lbs per screw.

Design and Build Quality

The Osight red dot boasts a sleek, modern design with smooth edges and a matte black finish. The controls are intuitive, with easy-to-adjust windage and elevation dials. The brightness settings are adjusted via two buttons on the side, offering a quick and hassle-free way to adapt to changing light conditions. The sight’s compact size ensures it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your firearm, making it ideal for both rifles and pistols.

Reticle and Clarity

The 3 MOA red dot reticle is crisp and clear, providing excellent target acquisition. Even at the highest brightness settings, the dot remains sharp without significant blooming. The multiple brightness settings allow for versatility in various lighting conditions, from bright daylight to low-light environments. 


Olight has ensured that the Osight is built to withstand the rigors of field use. The IPX7 waterproof rating means the sight can handle being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Additionally, it is shockproof and can endure the recoil from high-caliber firearms without losing zero or performance.


Let’s face it—price is always a consideration—at least it is to those of us who don’t own rocket companies on the side. I’ll get right to it: the Osight red dot sells for $199.99, and the green dot version sells for $229.99. For those of you who prefer to do your shopping with Amazon, you can buy Osight here for the same prices.  And did I mention that they come with a lifetime warranty, free shipping (even if you buy from the Olight website), and a 30-day money-back guarantee with free returns?

You really can’t go wrong here. I’d buy one soon before they go on backorder.


The Osight red dot from Olight is an impressive entry into the red dot sight market. It combines durability, clarity, and excellent battery life in a compact and affordable package. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, the Osight offers reliable performance that can enhance your shooting experience. With its robust build and user-friendly features, the Osight is poised to become a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts.