Full disclosure; I was sent this blade to test and evaluate. This short review is solely my opinion of using this type of razor for the first time.

I never really got into the shaving thing until I joined the Marine Corps, then it became mandatory. Starting in boot camp and lasting until I was honorably discharged I had to shave every day. I used everything from the disposable packs of razors to different brands of electric razors. When it came to the shaving cream I usually opted for something cheap, never really putting any thought into it. Upon leaving the military I had a difficult time finding a decent place to get my hair cut (I know that sounds silly), but every place I tried could never get the close hair cut I preferred like the barbers on Camp Lejeune. Then I found a small barber shop in the next town over. When I went in for my haircut I was surprised to find that they used a special shaving cream and straight razor for the back of the neck. I thought that was pretty damn cool to find somebody still using the old school tools of the shaving trade and from that point forward thought of it as kind of a gentleman’s club of sorts.

When I received the OneBlade I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package. The first thing I noticed was the weight of the razor. I really feels solid in your hands and could probably be used to knock somebody out of you threw it at them. The fit and finish is the next thing that will catch your eye with this razor. The attention to detail used in the manufacturing process is quite amazing, not only on the razor, but on the stand that the razor sits on. It really does look like a higher end razor you would find being used in a barber shop. The razor itself is a one time purchase, then you determine how frequently you would like to receive the blades in the mail (think of it as a men’s shaving club).

The accessories available are equally impressive from the shaving brushes and shaving creams, to the travel items and blades themselves.

Installing the blades into the head of the razor is extremely easy despite what some say about the tacky glue left on the blade from the wrapper. Once the blade is installed and you follow the directions for the shaving cream you’ll get an extremely close and smooth shave. I had no issues with finding the correct shaving angle on the first pass and never cut myself (this is a testament to their research and development).

The big question though to ask is; is it worth the $300 price tag?

To many once they see the cost they will turn the other way and continue using whatever it was they were shaving with. This is certainly a higher end razor and due to that fact it will attract a certain crowd. I’ve mentioned this before in a review I did on a high end folding knife. When somebody decides to spend this kind of money on something like this it is because it makes them feel as if they are a member of an exclusive club (a gentlemen’s club). It’s the same concept with those that drive high performance sports cars or wear Panerai watches. I will also tell you this. Spend once and cry once. This goes for anything in life. You get what you pay for. Me personally; I’d rather spend a little more up front knowing I’m getting a solid product that will last me years to come versus getting nickel and dimed over and over. For that reason I truly believe the OneBlade is worth the price tag if it fit’s your lifestyle.

(Featured image courtesy of shavenook.com)