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Hot on the heels of losing the Army’s XM17 MHS contract to Sig Sauer, Glock has scored a couple of nice wins. Last week, the Philippine National Police announced that it was picking the Glock 17 Gen4 as its new service pistol. Now, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has said it would replace its current Sig Sauer duty guns with Glock pistols.

Unfortunately, the press release doesn’t state which Glock pistol was chosen by the OPP.

The contract with the Ontario Provincial Police will be fulfilled through Rampart Corp., which is Glock’s Canadian law enforcement distributor.

“We are excited to be working with the OPP, which is one of Canada’s premier law enforcement agencies, and look forward to a long relationship with it,” said James Cassells, Glock’s sales manager in Canada.

The Ontario Provincial Police is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in North America, with more than 6,200 uniformed officers, 3,100 civilian employees, and 800 Auxiliary officers in its ranks. It polices over one million square kilometers—or 386,102 square miles—of land and waterways in the Province of Ontario.

The OPP also patrols over 126,000 kilometers—78,292 miles—of provincial roadways and provides policing services to more than 320 municipalities in Ontario. It has units that specialize in drug enforcement, aviation, explosive disposal, search and rescue, canine, and emergency response.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life