Boys don’t grow up; it’s only that our toys get more expensive. On top of that, they tend to get more fragile. Guns, optics, lights, night vision, etc., are all expensive and all worth protecting. The question is, how do we protect our goodies? Well, the Plano Field Locker is one route. The Field Locker comes in a ton of different sizes, and today we are looking at the medium-sized model. This 11.75 x 13.75-inch box is perfectly sized for various items, including your most valuable electronics, handguns, and more. 

The Field Locker Built-in Protection

The Plano Field Locker is a polymer case that has Military Specifications in Immersion, Vibration, Dust, and Transit Drop per Mil-Std—810G. 810G is a lot to explain. In essence, it’s a set of laboratory tests that access an item’s ability to resist shock, drops, water, freezing, thawing, and more. This robust test ensures that the Field Locker is a badass box designed to withstand whatever punishment comes its way.

In the simplest terms, the Plano Field Locker is sealed and locks very tightly. It’s completely waterproof and backed by watertight seals and an industrial-grade draw-down latch. This guarantees remarkable protection against the environment. The polymer body and flex-like seal allow the box to be dropped, kicked, thrown, used as an improvised weapon, and never dent or fail. 

Inside the box is a set of double-density foam that can be cut to accommodate a variety of items. This foam can be left unmolested for simplicity’s sake as well. It will still provide an excellent level of drop protection and keep your items going despite whatever abuse you can toss at the box. 

The box itself comes with a nice handle and two locking points for easy transport. You can purchase multiple Field Locker boxes; their design allows them to be easily stacked.

The Boom Box

I’ve purposed my Plano Field Locker as a boom box. What I mean by that is that I store a firearm, a knife, spare ammunition, a magazine, a flashlight, and more goodies for bugging out. If I can’t grab anything else, I can grab the boom box and head out to meet whatever challenge is presenting itself. In the event of an emergency, I know I can lose everything else, but the Field Locker will be there, ready and willing to arm me. 

The double-locking points make sure that it’s easy for me to store the weapon safely so no one can access them. The Field Locker is easy to handle and relatively innocuous in a closet or stashed in a car.

Finally, I can leave the box for a long period without the worry of moisture buildup or rust affecting my goods.

The Plano Field Locker is one helluva box, and the price makes it hard to ignore. At less than 50 bucks, this badass box will protect the goods that cost you thousands of dollars. It’s a small investment that has a huge payoff for those expensive big boy toys. 

Buy Now: $91