Good recoil management is critical for fast shooting. Precision Armament’s M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator uses an innovative reverse venting double-baffle design to achieve the highest recoil reduction in the market. If reduced recoil and fast shooting is your game, the M4-72 is your compensator.

The M4-72 brake has a closed bottom and upward-slanted venting to offset muzzle rise and reduce signature. The guys at did some significant science and tested just about everything on the market. See their results here. They used a gas piston AR-15 with the gas block turned off. Mounted to a sled, they got some valuable data on comparative recoil energy. The control measurement was a standard A2 birdcage. Spoiler alert!


With the M4-72, the test rig slid back an average of 2.4375 inches. With the standard A2 compensator, the rig slid back 8.4375 inches. A 73.84 percent reduction in mechanical recoil provides a big difference in felt recoil.

Precision Armament uses heat-treated stainless steel to withstand the extreme heat of rapid shooting without rapid erosion. Precision machining turns this into a high-performance brake for .223/5.56mm rifles with 1/2-28 muzzle threads. It is available with an advanced Ionbond® high-temperature CrCN coating (matte black), or in stainless steel/in-the-white (satin grey). The M4-72 will accept most devices designed to fit over the standard A2 flash suppressor.

Precision Armament recommends use of their Accu-Washer™ Muzzle Alignment System for the M4-72. This allows precise adjustments to be made to the brake alignment in 20-degree increments using only one washer. Caution: Do not use crush washers with this product.

Ready to end recoil? Get your M4-72 here for $89.99.

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