So you just got your new bow, what now? Take it to your local bow shop and get it fitted. This is especially important if you purchased a used bow or are new to the archery game all together. Everyone’s draw is a little different. The bow shop will help you determine yours and ensure you have arrows to match. 

*Please don’t ignore this, you or someone else could be seriously injured.

While at the bow shop make sure that they help you shoot some paper. The pattern left by your arrow tearing through the target will determine if adjustments need to be made or if you are good to go. Finally, before you leave take a full-draw and make sure that the peep is aligned with your vision. Sometimes strings can get twisted when a shop uses a bow press and you wont know until you full-draw. You will have some break-in to do if you are starting out with a new bow.  Ask the shop what they recommend for your specific model. 

At the Range

Now the fun part begins. As for gear, I always bring a range finder, archer’s tool, archer’s block (if not at a professional range), bow wax, release, and some small repair items. If you’ve never zero’d a bow before, try to take someone along that has. In the video below I am simply making sure that my pins haven’t shifted during the off-season. You don’t need a lot of room once you get your accuracy under control. If you are new, I recommend going to a professional range, this way if you miss the target no one will get hurt. 

Start using more of your actual hunting items as you grow more comfortable with your bow. If you are going to hunt with gloves, wear them. Using a face cowl? Then practice with it. Adding different clothes can change the feel of the bow. You don’t want the first time shooting with your hunting gear to be your actual hunt.  Eventually work up to a loaded backpack and try going a short walk/jog before shooting. The more you can replicate your hunting conditions, the better off you will be.

With archery season around the corner there is sure to be some questions out there. If you would like something specific reviewed, explained, or expanded-on please feel free to contact us via comms check and we will do our best to address it. 

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