One common (and nonsensical) anti-gun argument is that the Founding Fathers couldn’t imagine modern firepower and thus wouldn’t have approved of enumerating a right to protect the use of such arms.  While this has been roundly disproved by said Founding Fathers own writings (which are available on our free-speech protected websites), the argument remains in circulation by the NPC crowd.

Puckle Gun

One of the many layers of proof is the Puckle gun, a prototype of which was shown in 1717,  more than a half-century prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  James Puckle’s creation never achieved commercial or military success, but goes to show (along with the Kalthoff repeater) that pre-American firepower was more advanced than common flintlock rifles.

The below video by Youtube channel Forgotten Weapons does a great job of covering the Puckle gun’s history, as well as it’s technology.  Enjoy!

-Rex Nanorum