The boys over at Raven Concealment Systems recently released the OWB Quick Mount Straps for their holsters and carriers. They were cool enough to get a few sets of the QMS’s in my hands to check out.

Let me start by saying that the only holsters I use for concealment are Raven products. I mostly roll with a Phantom for my Glock 17 in an OWB setup with a double mag holder. For IWB, I’ve been using the VanGuard 2. I’ve tried a ton of holsters, but once I started using Raven products, I haven’t looked back. A while back, I put a Streamlight TLR1s on my Glock and was impatient. So, I ordered one of the various Raven knock-offs out there (probably one of the most copied companies in the market!). I carried it for about a week before removing the light and putting the holster away. There is definitely a difference. The draw wasn’t as smooth and the holster just had a different feeling. Raven is definitely worth the wait and the extra few bucks.

All right, back on topic. One thing I really am not a fan of having to remove my belt to get my mag holder on. But, up until now, I didn’t have a choice. So, I was pretty excited with the new mounting system. It took about 5 minutes to install on my mag holder with just a screwdriver. One thing I noticed right away is the use of 2 Pull-the-Dot snaps – one on the back of the case and the other as the strap wraps over to the front. So, it’s a nice “warm and fuzzy” feeling that this thing isn’t coming undone. The only concern I had when I tried them out is if the case would stay where I wanted it, or if it would be a looser mounting choice. It was clear quickly that with multiple adjustment points on the QMS’s, it was just as stable as the belt loops I was using before.

I headed to the range the next day after installing the system. I have to say, these things rock. Easy to put onto your belt (of course without having to take it off), a nice stable platform and they stayed snapped the entire day. I didn’t try them on my holster because I’m a really big fan of the OWB Pancake Wings, so no reason to switch those out.


If you’re already using a Raven mag case or holster, these are definitely a nice upgrade. They retail for $24.99 a set and are available at


Bill Janson is a former Recon Marine and founder of Eleven 10, a Kydex and nylon gear manufacturer specializing in self-aid/buddy-aid products for law enforcement and military. –