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Gay for backpacks: the Vertx Gamut Plus
Chris Hernandez

Late last year Vertx released its new “Gamut Plus” backpack. This model is an improvement on the original Gamut, which had slightly less cargo area. Quality remains unchanged; the Gamut Plus maintains the same high production standards as its older brother, with heavy-duty stitching, ergonomic layout and tons of usable space. I’ve used the GP since last October, and it’s become my primary photography bag. The bag holds an insert which can be set up as a range bag, aid kit, Flashlight repair kit, knitting bag (probably, but since I’m straight I’ll never know for sure) or pretty much whatever you want.

Redux — Gay for backpacks: the Vertx Gamut Plus

Vertx describes the Gamut Plus this way:

The EDC Gamut Plus Limited Edition bag delivers top-of-the-line features with the same conceptual design as our Gamut but in a higher capacity pack. Built to carry a full load and even more, this feature-rich bag includes all the necessary elements found in a standard pack for everyday carry plus game changing innovative functionality designed specifically for the prepared professional.

 The Gamut Plus (GP) carries a lot of gear. It’s designed to hold a laptop plus full-sized pistol, spare mags, radio, cuffs, or whatever else you need in one section (you’ll need to buy Vertx’s Tactigami accessories for the weapon and gear). It has a large main area which for the aforementioned optional insert, side pouches/pockets, a bellowed exterior section with a large concealed MOLLE panel, and small zippered pockets galore.

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