In the shooting community, we tend to find ourselves seeking out only the best gear to complement our weapon. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as the product does its job and performs. Some may want to purchase top-of-the-line equipment, but simply can’t due to the product’s price point. This does not mean that a less expensive product won’t perform its intended duties, but the length of time the product will last and what the product can endure may become an issue for some.

During my time overseas as an assaulter, machine gunner, and sniper, there wasn’t a time where I had a top-of-the-line rifle sling. It was simply something I never really paid attention to. Did the sling perform its intended duties? Yes. Did the sling make it through the rigors of a direct-action deployment conducting 110-120 special operations missions over the course of 90 days? Yes.

There are a plethora of slings on the market to date, with prices ranging from $20 to $200. Not all of us are willing to spend $200 on a sling, but there are those who will. It’s a matter of user preference. If it works and can get the job done, it’s a go in my book.

RedWire Gear has a rifle sling that is not only effective and user-friendly, it is also cost-effective for any user. The RedWire Convertible Rifle Sling is a system that can not only be used as a one-point sling, but as a two-point sling as well. Once again, this is a matter of user preference. Over the course of a month while using this sling four times a week on the range, I have yet to find any issues with it. For operational work in hostile environments, this is the kind of sling that I would definitely keep in a go-bag or on my kit as a backup in case my primary goes down.

For the shooter who is working on their fundamentals or training and doesn’t want to spend $150+ on a sling, or the individual overseas who is always prepared and has a backup for just about every piece of equipment (two is one, one is none), I would suggest taking a look at the RedWire Convertible Rifle Sling.

MSRP: $39.00