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Review: Grey Ghost Gear – 5×8 Utility Pouch Horizontal
Apocalypse Josh

This is the third of the Grey Ghost Gear pouches I took rock scrambling and bush-bashing with me not too long ago. I loaded up my belt with a selection of pouches, filled them with a collection of go-to outdoors gear, and set out to spend an afternoon scrambling up and down rock crevices, hiking through eucalyptus forest all the way to the top of scenic Hanging Rock. It wasn’t a hard or long climb, but it was a good opportunity to get out and about.

The GGG Horizontal 5×8 Utility Pouch I tested is designed as an add-on pouch and has numerous applications, such as admin or an E&E pouch. It’s a go-to for a variety of items you might want or need, but aren’t suited to a top-opening magazine type pouch. Vertical storage is good for high density and high capacity storage, but sometimes you’ve got to go horizontal!

Review: Grey Ghost Gear – 5×8 Utility Pouch Horizontal

It features a loop panel on the outside for the attachment of IFF items or morale patches and has dual zipper pulls. Its horizontal shape allows you to stash either a collection of smaller items, or a couple of longer ones that you want to be able to get at whilst rummaging on the go. I stashed gloves, a shemagh and a head-sock in mine, as winter storms can whip up quickly in rural Victoria in winter and I didn’t want to be caught unprepared. I could have just as easily put snacks, a phone, tools or any number of other things you might put in a pocket, but want in a pouch instead.

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