Petzl has always been one of the world leaders when it comes to headlamps. During almost all my military career I had one either on my helmet or around my neck. A headlamp keeps the hands free, making it a great tool to have when you are working with both your hands (writing orders, cutting wood, digging a trench, etc.).

The Petzl Tactikka +RGB is probably one of the best headlamps I’ve come across. Providing a maximum of 140 lumens, the Tactikka will give you plenty of illumination for any task. If you are in a tactical environment, the Tactikka +RGB gives you four different colors to work with—red, blue, white, and green—dramatically improving versatility.

When I deployed to Afghanistan, I had a basic Petzl headlamp with the white and red option. Having a few other colors to choose from and different lighting modes would have been welcome features back then, and the Tactikka +RGB delivers just that now.

If you are working in a wet environment, the Tactikka +RGB is IP X4 water resistant and will keep working in the rain. Powered by three AAA/LR03 batteries (included with the lamp when you purchase it), the Tactikka’s battery case opens easily for quick and simple battery changes. The pushbutton on/off makes the lamp very easy to use with gloves.

Four color options, one headlamp.
Four color options, one headlamp.

The constant lighting feature means that brightness will not decrease as the batteries become drained. It will also automatically switch to reserve mode when the batteries are almost drained, signaled by a blinking light.

The Petzl Tactikka +RGB is available on Amazon for $60. I strongly suggest the Tactikka +RGB to anyone who enjoys doing outdoor sports, and to the soldiers who are constantly in a tactical environment in the field.