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Boots have always been on a 2-3 year cycle in my experience. Meaning that you’ll find a good pair, that company makes them for a couple years, then you start again because the company changes something, sends to China, whatever.

I’ve worn every conceivable boot in the outdoor industry at some point. I’ve had my favorites; the Vasque Sundowner when it was made in Italy for instance, but sooner rather than later, I’ve had to search again. Which led me to the Salewa’s.

Salewa has been around for a long time making skiing and mountaineering products. I’d never seen their hiking and backpacking selections until a few months ago (I think they did have some in Europe for years though).

I was on the search for a new boot/shoe to wear in the summer (not as big as the quest), plus ride my motorcycle with (High over ankle) and be able to use during my Urban Climbing courses (figure the odds of finding footwear that would meet that criteria!). I still like the Salomon Quest for cold weather but its tok much for summer and climbing in them is a joke. I’ve been having really bad luck with the lightweight Salomon shoes lately and was tired of putting money into them. I noticed that the quality, design, and parts on the Salomon xa series changed dramatically recently.

Salewa Alpine Trainer in a nutshell; completely waterproof, bomber Kevlar and climbing rubber rand all the way around the sole, excellent Vibram sole which can be resoled.
Laces that extend to the toe for a infinitely adjustable fit over various thickness of socks, neoprene achilles dirt guard, dual insoles (they velcro together) that again help adjust fit, and not that heavy (20 oz).

Salewa has some type of blister warranty too, not sure the specifics, but I think you can refund if you get one or just don’t like them.

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