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Your old man might not be able to whip your ass anymore, but he likes to think he can. This Father’s Day, best let him keep dreaming. Here’s the problem: his home gym is stuck in the 1950s. Don’t get us wrong. Your dad is wise. His old-school workout checks all the boxes, with lots of sweat and no-frills. But he doesn’t have to do his push0-ups in the dirt anymore, and his punching bag’s seen better days. He knows this. He also knows the solution’s not some expensive stationary bike with a screen that he’ll never touch. It’s a few basic upgrades to the old-school sweat session he runs every day. Here’s where to start, from basic mat tiles to keep his joints from blowing out to a sweet new speaker to a quality punching bag to replace his dusty, shredded mess. He’ll love it. Just remember to join him for a session every now and then, to remind him what’s up.

Yes4All Exercise Mat Tiles

Yes4All mats

He’s too old to be doing burpees on the concrete. Twenty-four square feet of high-density foam that’s water-, mold-, and mildew-resistant should do the trick. With a non-skid matte surface, the six tiles and twelve border edges can be set up in any configuration to turn his janky basement or garage setup into a workout grotto.

Buy Now: $22.98



Clothink TRX Trainer Kit

workout straps

He’s worn out the elastic on a few sets of resistance trainers already. Here’s why he’ll love this set from Clothink: it’s got all the straps and anchors he needs, made from BETHER fabric that can withstand 600 pounds of force. Here’s why you’ll love it: it costs way less than sets from other brands, at a similar quality.

Buy Now: $92.99









REP FITNESS Kettlebells

Home gym

Kettlebells are simple and versatile—the perfect strength training tool. These are the last set he’ll ever own. They’re sized from one to 48 kilos, with a grippy powder-coated finish, flat bottoms for stability during pushups and other moves, and a color-coded system so he can identify weight at a glance. If you buy him the whole set, you might be able to snag one or two without him noticing.

Buy Now: $23.99

Sonos One Speaker

Home gym speaker

“Run Through the Jungle” dribbling through his iPhone’s speakers isn’t any help at all. Upgrade his sound setup with the Sonos One speaker. It’s perfectly sized for his man-cave and has voice control so he can switch from Metallica to Zeppelin mid-set. Plus, if he really likes it, he can buy another one and pair them for stereo sound.

Buy Now: $199


Everlast Nevatear Heavy Bag

home workout

His right hook is the real gift. But he’s beat the stuffing out of his old bag—literally. This one ought to do him. Metal rivets, center-aligned sandbag placement, reinforced webbing and extra-heavy bag construction mean he can pound on it till the cows come home, and it’ll just keep taking it—heavy-duty nylon straps make extra sure of that.

Buy Now: $89.99

Kingso Battle Rope

weighted rope

Undulate, pull, climb—whatever the hell he wants to do, this thing can do it. Its dacron is more durable and heavier than other poly constructions, and its 7.5-inch long heat-shrink wraps will take care of his hands. Watch out though—he might just challenge you to a tug of war after your partner workout.

Buy Now: $89.99