In the last few years, there have been a number of high profile incidents where police officers shot unarmed civilians. The circumstances of each shooting is unique but most of these shootings were negligent discharges caused by inadequate training. The final link in the chain of these tragedies is always the same, an unintentional trigger pull. The guys at Smart Firearms have delivered a training gun which forces proper handing at all times with a loud alarm and flashing lights if the trigger enters the trigger guard. This reinforces good habits and builds safe, confident shooters with an appropriate level of aggression.

Negligent shootings have caused political up roar with good reason. Millions of dollars are paid out in damages. The suffering of the victims and their families is terrible. The officers involved are traumatized and many retire or commit suicide. Smart Firearms provides a powerful tool to prevent these avoidable tragedies.

Under the stress of a potentially violent encounter, police officers can lose the ability to perform fine motor skills, their heart rate skyrockets. The recognition of this fact has driven a revolutionary change in defensive tactics training over the past 40 years. Police academy and in-service training has evolved to include scenario training which now provide officers with the mental tools they need to respond quickly and correctly to the situation at hand.  These techniques work in a variety of situations and are easily repeatable by the average officer.

We have learned that shooters may unconsciously place their finger on the trigger. The amygdala is a primitive part of the lower brain which reacts to threats. There is one of these almond shaped organs on each side of the brain. It is the source of the startle flinch reaction, the fastest way a human can move. Recognizing dangerous patterns, the amygdala enable us to fight, freeze, or escape.

The amygdala triggers your responses faster than your conscious awareness. The amygdala react to negative events in many ways, including activation of your sympathetic nervous system. The primary mission of the amygdala is to detect and respond to subliminal signals of danger. While it takes around 300 milliseconds for you to become percieve a threat, the amygdala can react to it within 20 milliseconds. The amygdada can put your finger on the trigger and pull it.
While scenario training is a vast improvement over old technique based training, inert plastic training guns used by most institutions don’t provide feedback to shooters or trainers. Designed to replicate the feel of an actual firearm, red and blue guns don’t react when the trigger is pulled. Under stress, shooters will unconsciously put their finger on the trigger.  Some programs teach officers to point guns at suspects who are not a threat.  This deep cultural conditioning needs to be unlearned for the real world. But unlearning doesn’t come easily. The law of primacy dictates that what we learn first is what we retain best, and we revert to it in times of duress and high heart rate.

Repetition is the only way to unlearn these undesired behaviors. With a normal 15/1 student / instructor ratio, the task of identifying these behaviors during drills is nearly impossible and there is no time to correct them. Smart Firearms Training Devices emit warning sounds whenever a student’s finger goes inside the trigger guard. This allows instructors to recognize this habit in a student. The student can also begin to self-correct and move forward with proper handling as their default function.

“BANG, BANG, BANG!” That is the way cops were taught to verbalize in training to indicate a discharge. But it verbalizes what should be an action. With the old inert plastic training guns, which don’t have a working trigger or a sound to indicate a shot, it’s the only option – the only way to let instructors and training partners know that a shop has been fired.

Real police gun fights have been initiated with “BANG, BANG, BANG!” This is due to the law of primacy. When we are under stress, we revert to what we learned first.  A training gun with a working trigger that discourages bad habits is crucial. Smart Firearms gives shooters and trainers the tool they need.

Smart Firearm is he perfect training gun for active shooter training, room clearing, scenario training. defensive tactics and firearms training.  With its active trigger, everyone knows immediately when a trainee has fired their gun as it will emit a crisp sound of a gunshot and an LED light remains on for several seconds to show instructors which trainee fired.

Whether the shot was justified or not, this training device gives the trainer immediate feedback. Never again will a trainee have to say “bang, bang” while holding a piece of rubber. Every instructor knows that this is terrible training because in a stress situation we always revert back to our training. There was never another option. Now there is.

The engineers at Smart Firearms Training Devices, LLC have created a revolutionary feature that will change the way the safe handling of firearms is taught.  From the very first moment the student is exposed to our training weapon, the device will demand safe handling.  Using a proprietary sensor design, the advanced technology embedded into the training weapon will detect when there is the slightest intrusion into the trigger guard.  This device will not penalize the student for making the conscious decision to transition their finger onto the trigger and engage the threat, but will alert the instructor if proper trigger control is not utilized.   The SFTD model comes in two versions, molded to fit the holsters for Glock and the S&W M&P.



Smart Firearms Glock pattern


Don’t Get Shot Like This Guy

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SF-30 Training Gun – Compatible with most Glock-style holsters

SF-25 Training Gun – Compatible with most Smith and Wesson M&P-style holsters

  • Removable Weighted Magazine
  • Trigger with Simulated Reset
  • Simulated Adjustable Night Sights
  • Speaker System
  • Laser Capable

Accidental / Negligent Discharge Sensor Suite
Removable Weighted Magazine
Trigger with Simulated Reset
Simulated Adjustable Night Sights
Speaker System
Laser Capable

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Featured photo courtesy of The Arizona Republic. Kevin McCullar (left) and Tyler Pappas use Smart Firearms training weapons in a room clearing drill at Chandler Gilbert Community College.