Apostasy (Apostate): a form of blasphemy.

In Islam, an Apostate is one who leaves or turns his or her back on Islam (or says bad things about it). The title of Apostate can also be applied to non-believers. Islamic activists have demanded punishments ranging from prison sentences to death for both apostasy and blasphemy—sentences that are regularly carried out in areas under ISIS control.

I don’t know the reason why Steel Will chose the name “Apostate” for one of their newest folding blades, but in the war against Islamic terrorism, the name Apostate has the same connotation as the term “Infidel.” I would be proud to carry a combat folder (or fixed blade) that bore either name during anti-terror operations or activities. But there is much more to the Steel Will Apostate than just its name.

The new Apostate 1108 is the second of Steel Will’s folding-blade knives that I have tested. (The first was the Onrush.) With a shorter 3.7-inch blade and an OAL of 8.98 inches open, the Onrush is more of a tactical/utility knife capable of combat use than a dedicated combat folder. The Apostate takes the next step up the ladder and qualifies as a true combat folding knife.

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