Whether spending time at the range or on an actual bow or gun hunt, I tried for as long as I could to use my smartphone to record video footage. Even though using a smartphone was awkward and often not very practical, I couldn’t justify paying for a GoPro along with the required mounts. When I came across the Tactacam 4.0, I was excited because it was specifically designed for hunting and range excursions in mind and at a nice price point.

I acquired a Tactacam 4.0 bow package with an added Picatinny rail mount. The package cost $329.99 and included the camera, battery, USB cable and charger, lens cloth, camera bag, user manual, and a Tactacam decal. The add-on Picatinny rail mount was an extra $24.99.

The Tactacam 4.0 is compatible with the Tactacam App which allows you to connect to your camera from your smart phone to turn it on and off, view photos and videos and transfer them to your device for easy sharing with your friends or on social media. Tactacam 4.0 also features 5x zoom, 2.7k HD video, low light sensor and a 360 degree mic. Combined with Tactacam’s newly designed shell, quick change mode button, external battery indicator and rugged water resistant construction… This camera is made to perform and will stand up to the rigors of your hunt.


The package does not include the required Class 10 Micro SD card, but it can be added on from the site.  After fumbling through the instructions and wondering why the camera did not work right, I realized I hadn’t ordered the SD card. Once installed, the well-written instructions made a lot more sense. Tactacam made their product very easy to use and included some nice features.

Listed Product Features:

  • Ultra HD  2.7k resolution @ 30 fps, 1080p-60fps and 720-120fps
  • External battery indicator
  • 5x zoom brings game closer than ever
  • 1 touch Power on Auto Record with Vibration indication
  • Tactacam App Wi-Fi compatible
  • Ultra-Sharp Lens optimized for Bow, Crossbow and Gun (no fisheye)
  • Low-Light recording like no other camera of its kind
  • Shock Resistant; 50cal tested and approved
  • Rechargeable cold weather lithium battery provides up to 2.5 hours of record time (extra batteries available)
  • Charging USB 2.0 and 110-120 volt AC outlet
  • USB 2.0 connection to Mac and PC
  • HDMI hookup for TV & hi-def monitors
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Format H.264 for Facebook and YouTube
  • Storage: Micro SD card up to 64 GB (not included)
  • 1 year Warranty

One of my favorite features is the ability to control the camera from your smartphone using the Tactacam app, which allows you to avoid reaching out to your bow or gun to begin recording or change settings when hunting. It lets you change from video to picture mode, set a timer, power on and off, and adjust virtually all other settings. The app also allows you to verify the camera view is how you want it without having to remove the SD card.

The camera and mounts are all made very well. Nothing but quality, durable materials. The stabilizer mount is intended to replace the stabilizer on your bow so that the camera becomes a part of your bow.  The picatinny rail mount worked great, and just for fun I even mounted it to a pistol for some fun at the range to see how it performed. It performed like a champ. The video quality allowed me to clearly see my shots on target, and even though the camera stuck out beyond the barrel it didn’t affect the video or damage the case. As Marines tend to do with equipment, I somehow managed to break off the cover for the power button but it was easily super glued back on and never stopped working.

The 5x zoom is a great feature that is easy to utilize with the push of a button. Regardless of the mode or distance, the camera did a great job of maintaining focus as I tested. There was no wasted footage with the camera trying to catch up.

If you have a passion for range shooting and hunting, for the money, I’d recommend the Tactacam. If you want to use it for other recreational outdoor activities, they do offer a head-mount as well. It may not be as compact as a GoPro but it is a great value and a product that will last.  See how others use their Tactacam in the video below and decide if it is for you too.