I have had a tumultuous history with shooting gloves. I was never a huge fan of the issued gloves we were forced to wear as Marines, but I certainly saw the necessity. As a machine gunner, I dealt with guns and barrels hot enough to light cigarettes off of. In the years following my departure from the USMC, I’ve been able to observe the improvements in tactical gloves. No longer are we wearing massive clumsy Nomex gloves. Instead, gloves like the Tactical Made Shooting Gloves have been developed to improve dexterity, comfort, and overall effectiveness.

The Tactical Made Shooting Gloves were developed in house at Range Often. They were developed less for military operations involving hot machine gun barrels and more for your standard civilian and LEO shooter.

Putting the Tactical Made Gloves to Work

The gloves are touch screen compatible, so I can do it for the ‘gram without popping them off. The only difficulty I ran into was with super small electronics like smartwatches. Smartphones and tablets were a non-issue. Their seamless fingertips give you dexterity, making it easier to do tasks that require fine motor skills like loading magazines, working charging handles, and manipulating things like turrets on a riflescope.

I’ve been testing a new AR 10 pistol from Springfield Armory. This gun is a 308 with a 10.3-inch barrel and an aluminum M-LOK rail. A full-powered rifle caliber in a semi-automatic weapon with a 10.3-inch barrel means things are going to get hot. The gloves give me a layer of protection against the discomfort that can grow from a hot metal M-LOK handguard. The weapon gets quite toasty in a short period of time so gloves become a necessity for a long-range day.

The Tactical Made Shooting Gloves provide a rock-solid grip on tools as well. They allow me to grip knives, screwdrivers, and hammers with absolute control. Working with big knives like the ZT 308 is nice and easy to do with these gloves on. They also protect your hand when doing repetitive tasks like digging holes — or my painful, and exhausting removal of an old pine stump. That level of protection is most certainly appreciated at the end of the day.

The gloves are ventilated, which offers you a little more comfort when working hard. As a guy who sweats like an Ox, it feels nice to get a breeze to my hands while working. They are made from suede leather which is incredibly durable and quite comfortable.

The Little Things

The gloves are strong, protective, and give you a bit cooler of an experience. Those are important, but so are the little things. I’m a big guy and my XL sized hands fitted perfectly in the Tactical Made gloves. They are true to size from what I can tell: They stretch and move as you grip and don’t restrict your finger’s range of motion. In addition, they are made from suede leather which is incredibly durable and quite comfortable.

The gloves are reinforced where necessary and do provide a tough and durable design for those looking to work hard and heavy. The Tactical Made Shooting Gloves are an excellent set of tactical gloves for 99 percent of users. They wouldn’t be my choice for dealing with potential fires or explosions, but their protection against typical levels of heat, sharp surfaces and repetitive actions, which would typically generate blisters and pain, is top-notch.

The Tactical Made Shooting Gloves are an affordable and comfortable option that is intended to maximize comfort and dexterity with an added degree of protection for simple tasks. Check ’em out here.