My friend and former SEAL teammate, Eric, turned me onto to the LIFEPROOF  iPhone case.  Eric said, “this case lets me take my iPhone surfing with the kids”, and I just shot him a sideways look and said, “Seriously?”.

He ended up offering up his phone to me poolside (at his house) but, like most things we test in The LOADOUT ROOM , I wanted to test it on my own phone. When it’s your iPhone or your own ass on the line, the results become a little more meaningful.

The case performed flawlessly after twenty minutes of filming my kids walking underwater with weight belts, apparently they think this is pretty cool to hold their breath and walk on the bottom of the pool side to side. The pictures actually turned out pretty good but I’ll let you guys judge for yourself.

They’re a bit pricey but, I’d recommend these cases to anyone who wants to take their smart phones and use them in environments where water is at play (e.g. rafting, kayaking, surfing, etc.). Unlike an Otter Box (not water proof) or other water proof bags, you can still use your phone.  I’ve already ordered mine for $54.00 on Amazon (cheaper than their home site).

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