For several months, there were rumors that there was another company coming out with a helmet to compete with the line of Ops Core Carbon Fiber helmets. Then pictures started to appear on Facebook and it was a rumored that Team Wendy was the company that was going to produce them.  Then, Team Wendy made the official announcement and everyone was very excited to see how they were going to use their experience in helmet protection technology.

I was very lucky to obtain a unit to test.  All we can say is wow! We think that Team Wendy has taken the Bump Helmet to the next level with the EXFIL Tactical Bump Helmet.

When the box arrived at our doorstep, we were impressed with how light it was.  This is because the helmet is made from Carbon Fiber. When you have it in your hands, it feels very smooth and has great lines. There are six vents on the top of the helmet, four towards the rear of the helmet, and two up front.  The helmet shell looks very slick right out of the box.

Team Wendy EXFIL in Dark Earth

Continuing with the outside of the helmet, you have the option of selecting the custom Wilcox “W” mount, or you can use your own 3-hole NVG Mount.

“W” Wilcox Mount


“W” Mount with Princeton Tec Remix Pro

Team Wendy went with two Picatinny rails and something called “T-Rails.” Now, this is where it gets interesting: the T-Rail allows the Operator to mount any item on the helmet how they see fit.  It could allow for a low-tech option when out in the field with a broken mount, or when a custom mounting option is needed.  Team Wendy has even started a blog where “hacks” can be seen on how to mount different items.


Rounding out the outside of the EXFIL, you have your Velcro for attaching ID Patches, Morale Patches, Strobes, or Counterweight pouches.  You also have Velcro for securing items or foliage to the helmet.

U.S Tactical Sewing’s Counterweight pouch on the rear of the EXFIL

Now, the inside of the helmet is where Team Wendy has looked to create a helmet that is safe for the war fighter overseas or at home.  According to Team Wendy, the helmet currently exceeds the US Military’s current Bump rating at 10ft/sec, 150G to 17ft/sec.  The CAM-FIT Retention System is made up of a polymer and allows for airflow to keep the head cool in the hotter temperatures.  the harness has 4 points of adjustments and Team Wendy has utilized the Boa Closure System that allows you to tighten the harness around your head.  During our testing, we were able to use the Boa system to keep the helmet stable without having the chin strap snapped.

EXFIL’s CAM-FIT system

Now, you must be asking, how does the helmet feel? I have to say, very comfortable.  Adjusting the helmet took about 5 minutes to do.  Adjusting the Boa system is very simple. All you do in turn the thumb dial clockwise to tighten and, to release the tension, you pull up on the dial. The harness feels very comfortable and there is good airflow with the helmet on.

The second question that people ask is “What does it cost?” The EXFIL retails for $450.00 without the “W” Wilcox mount and $550.00 with it.  It is currently available in Flat Dark Earth or Black (As of this review, Multicam is in the works).  The helmet will fit a head size of 6 7/8 to 7 1/2 inches in diameter.

The accessories you have seen in the pictures are: