The Individual First Aid Kit, aka the IFAK, is a concept that exploded during the Global War on terror. No longer was Doc the only guy carrying trauma gear. Every Marine and Soldier is equipped with an IFAk and if their leadership isn’t a failure they’ll know how to use it. An IFAK is a critical piece of gear for any plate carrier, chest rig, and bug out bag. I personally keep an IFAK in my vehicle at all times. Shit happens, and when it pops off I want to have the necessary medical gear on hand to deal with it. From car accidents to scraped knees I’d rather be considered paranoid than ever be unprepared. The guys at Crate Club understand the importance of an IFAk, so they decided our members should have one. The one they chose is the Blackhawk STRIKE medical pouch.

Inside the Blackhawk STRIKE Medical Pouch

You can pack medical supplies into almost any pouch and call it an IFAk. That doesn’t make it an IFAK though. An IFAk needs to be designed for medical supplies and designed for quick access. To access your medical gear you need to have it organized. The ability to organize your medical gear for quick access is what makes the difference between an admin pouch and an IFAK.

The Blackhawk STRIKE Medical Pouch – An IFAK for all

The Blackhawk STRIKE medical pouch is designed for easy organization. The inside of the kit is outfitted with a series of elastic straps to allow you to easily organize your gear for easy and quick access. The rear side of the STRIKE Medical Pouch features two massive elastic loops for large gear like Israeli dressings or H and H bandages.

The Blackhawk STRIKE Medical Pouch – An IFAK for all

The opposite side of the kit features two sets of dual elastic bands divided into three sections. These dual bands allow you carry tourniquets, combat gauze, and other smaller gear you need in a hurry. Behind the front panel is a small pocket for packing large items that may not need to be at hand immediately. It’s a great place for a small roll of tape, a flashlight, and some trauma shears.

Mounted and In Use

What I really love about this kit is the way it opens. The zippers go almost entirely to the bottom. The inside of the pouch had two elastic bands that connect the front of the pouch to the rear of the pouch. This holds the front pouch outwards at a 90-degree angle and it acts like a tray to easily retrieve your gear when the STRIKE medical pouch is on a plate carrier or belt.

The Blackhawk STRIKE Medical Pouch – An IFAK for all

I packed the kit with my typical medical gear. This included bandages, gauze, combat gauze, tourniquets, band-aids, and a few more pieces of gear I find necessary. The elastic straps allow me to organize and retrieve the gear with ease. Even when the kit is mounted to my plate carrier.

The STRIKE Medical pouch is large enough to carry enough trauma gear for self or buddy care. It mounts easily to a pack for hiking and camping as well. I found it to be a perfect fit for my normal hiking pack from London Bridge.

If you aren’t a Tactical Tommy or a Hill Hiking Hank, this kit is perfect for keeping in the car. Stock it with the medical gear you know how to use and simply keep it on hand for whatever life throws at you. Don’t underestimate something as simple as packing band-aids and antibiotic ointments with your RATS tourniquets and Israeli dressings.

The Blackhawk STRIKE Medical Pouch – An IFAK for all

Never underestimate the importance of medical gear. Imagine how many lives could be saved if everyone packed some basic medical gear all times. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.

*Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase