The world of chest rigs is a big one. Tons of companies are producing extremely high-quality chest rigs. Yet, most can’t produce them at the price and quality point of Blue Force Gear. Blue Force Gear has mastered the art of soft gear and has found a way to produce high-quality gear at surprisingly affordable prices. 

The BFG Ten-Speed Chest Rig is a complete modular system designed for the modern-day warfighter, law enforcement officer, or prepared citizen.

The Ten-Speed Chest Rig

The Ten-Speed M4 chest rig is simple, and simple is good. The chest rig comes complete with four Ten Speed magazine pouches that can each hold a single AR 15 magazine. The Ten-Speed material is a strong and highly capable military-grade elastic. This material removes the need for an over-the-top retention device, as the tension created by the elastic keeps the magazines locked in place. Good. Less stuff to fumble with.

The lack of a retention device ensures that you can easily draw a magazine when needed without anything getting in the way. While the pouches are intended for M4-style magazines, they can also accommodate radios, CAT Tourniquets, and nearly anything else you’d want to toss in there. 

(If you want something more heavy metal, the bigger 308 rig is set up for those full powered 7.62 rifles.)

Flanking either side of the four pouches is a ladder of MOLLE that allows you to add to your kit should you so choose. I added a simple IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) to mine, but you can add just about anything you’d want, including more magazines. The MOLLE paneling is ultra-strong and perfect for additions, both big and small. 


Adjust It

The straps of the Ten Speed M4 chest rig provide a crazy amount of adjustment, thus making it extremely adjustable. You can set up the rig for your specific body size, or you can set it up to run over body armor. The kit itself is so compact and small that it could be worn under a coat or windbreaker and absolutely disappear. This allows you to run grey or incognito. The rig can be run slick and slim or built up for heavier-duty tasks. 

The Ten-Speed M4 Chest rig is the perfect solution to most chest rig problems. The kit holds magazines securely, is extremely durable, and is quite rugged. Its ergonomics are on point, and you can’t help but appreciate the combination of access and retention the Ten Speed material gives you.

Blue Force Gear has mastered the chest rig game, and the Ten Speed M4 rig is here to stay. The BFG Ten Speed M4 chest rig is a modern, modular option for the 21st warfighter.  

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