A belt is an important tool in the concealed carriers arsenal. It supports the weapon, gives the holster something to attach to, and of course holds your pants up. Most concealed carriers with a little experience have the salt to invest in a quality belt, specifically a gun belt. Bravo Concealment is well known for making high-quality IWB and OWB holsters so their slow creep into gun belts makes sense, and best of all they did it in a very stylish manner. The Cinturon Gun Belt is their latest addition to the lineup and provides a subtle and stylish option to those seeking a gun belt.

The Cinturon Belt from Bravo Concealment

Enter the Cinturon

One of the best parts about the Cinturon is that it goes out of its way to be both practical and untactical looking as possible. It can be worn with jeans and t-shirt and then you can turn around and wear it with slacks and a button down. It matches most styles. The belt is a simple black weave with a brushed nickel or a matte black buckle. The metal buckle is unmarked and looks very subtle and isn’t overtly tactical like a riggers belt or a Cobra belt of some kind.

The Cinturon Belt from Bravo Concealment

Like any good concealed carrier the belt blends in.

The belt is made from a stiff scuba webbing that’s matte black. Again, not overly tactical here. It’s a rigid material, but it doesn’t dig into the body. The webbing is dual-layered and the belt is 1.5 inches wide and .180 inches thick.

In The Field

This was my go-to belt for a few months now and I wore it with me during the entirety of SHOT Show. The belt has also accommodated my normal concealed carry arsenal as well as my range day guns. This includes guns as small as SIG P365 and as large as an all metal CZ 75. The belt provides a tremendous level of support to guns both big and small.

The Cinturon Belt from Bravo Concealment

Throughout the day the belt doesn’t loosen or slide and it remains in place regardless of what you are doing. Over the 35+ miles I walked during SHOT Show the Cinturon never budged or needed readjustment. My normal EDC is a handgun, a spare magazine, a pocket knife, a wallet, keys, and often a flashlight. I go for lightweight gear, but it does add up quickly.

Beyond Concealed Carry

Sure the Cinturon belt is a great belt for your EDC, but what about beyond concealed carry. What about carrying a full sized gun, a reload, and two spare AR magazines? The Cinturon can do that too. It’s designed for concealed carry but had zero issues with wearing two Bravo Concealment AR magazine pouches, a spare Glock 17 magazine pouch, and of course a Glock 17 in a Bravo IWB holster. The belt was rigid, tight, and held up the gear very well. It’s not advertised as a duty belt, but in a pinch, it’s a great working belt. I wonder if I added a belt pad how well it’d be as a war belt.

The Cinturon Belt from Bravo Concealment

The Buckle

The belt’s buckle uses a sliding roller to secure the belt against the buckle using friction. This roller does an outstanding job, almost too good of a job. It can be occasionally difficult to defeat and take some real force to move and get the belt opened. Once I even had to use a key to get it to move and open. Its made to lock up tight and it does so.

The Cinturon Belt from Bravo Concealment

So far the belt has yet to fray, indent, or degrade in any way. It’s had everything from holsters to mag carriers mounted on it without issue. The Cinturon is a tough and reliable piece of kit suited for any concealed carriers arsenal.

The Cinturon Belt from Bravo Concealment

The Cinturon gun belt has never let me, or my pants down.

Gear Provided by Bravo Concealment. The OWB Bravo Concealment holster for Glock 17 (No 80% lower Glocks) IWB is the Tosion 3.0 for P365.