The Emerson Commander comes from a long line of tactical folding knives from the original founder of tactical folding knives, Ernest Emerson. The Commander comes at us with the same quality and design that made the CQC series of pocket knives famous. Like any Emerson folding knife, the Commander can be used for Everyday Carry (EDC), dedicated tactical tasks, and of course, fighting. What makes the Commander so dang special? Well, let’s dive in.

Emerson Commander Specs and Features

The Emerson Commander delivers a beefy 3.75-inch blade with a 4.65-inch handle. The overall length with the blade open is a mighty 8.75 inches. This is no teeny tiny knife; it’s a hefty blade made for big boy tasks. The Commander is made from 154 CM steel, which is perfect for a hardcore working knife. Tool steels, like 154 CM, provide a rugged and hard blade that’s corrosion-resistant, quite sharp, and holds a good edge.

Beyond that, the Emerson Commander comes equipped with the Wave feature that Emerson invented. The Wave allows a user to deploy the blade from the pocket with absolute ease. In fact, a well-practiced user can deploy a wave-equipped Emerson faster than an automatic knife.

The Emerson Commander weighs 5.5 ounces, so it won’t weigh heavy on your pocket or your soul.

Blade Design

Emerson utilizes a recurve-style blade. A recurve blade gives wielders a hefty belly that allows for deep slices and makes it an efficient cutting tool. This means the Emerson is more of a slicer than a stabber. It will cut and dice through everything from tomatoes to thick rope. The recurve blade allows for both wide open slashes and more refined cutting tasks. The chisel grind makes it easy to sharpen in the field and quite easy to take care of.

Grip Design

The handle utilizes G10 grips, and these grips are textured with some extreme aggression. The knife sticks to your hand providing you with a rock-solid grip with zero give. Perfect for gloved use, maritime environments, or when your hands are slick with the blood of democracy’s enemies.

Beyond the panels, the grip design incorporates a hefty pointer finger ledge in the handle. This allows you to take full advantage of the blade’s slice and dice design. The finger shelf makes it easy to steer the blade and control its ability to cut.

The Emerson Commander Purpose

The Emerson Commander’s recurve blade and accommodating grip make it an awesome slicing tool. As a weapon, the shorter blade isn’t great for stabbing, and it’s just one of the problems with pocket knives for fighting. While you can stab with the Commander, it’s much better when used for slicing and cutting up a bad guy.

That curve also makes it an awesome tool for cleaning game. The belly gives you a powerful cutting surface for removing hide from deer and meat from bones. Users can easily cut through thicker materials, including military uniforms and web gear, as well as 550 cords, thick rope, vines, and more.

The Commander focuses more on being a utility tool than a weapon, at least when compared to tools like the CQC 7 and original CQC 6. It’s useful for your everyday EDC tasks and has a home in the field, in the deer stand, and on the plate carrier. It’s a well-designed and well-made knife from one of the best brands in the knife world.


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